Alameda Legacy Home Tour

Hosted by The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society

Fourth Sunday in September

Learn about the tour, find opportunities to volunteer, and purchase your tickets at

Docents and volunteers needed: email [email protected]

Due to COVID-19 the 2020 inside the houses Home Tour is cancelled, but we are planning another outdoor only, social distancing event on the same date.

 Letter from the Alameda Museum


At the Alameda Museum board meeting on January 25, a list of duties and projects in need of attention in the upcoming year was discussed. The list is extensive and it became apparent that our participation as co-host of the Alameda Legacy Home Tour would make it very difficult to accomplish in-house tasks. After a long discussion, a decision was made to withdraw from participating as co-host of the Home Tour. 

We have taken into consideration that the Home Tour was created by AAPS in 1973 and the Home Tour is the major fundraiser for the organization.

The Alameda Museum and AAPS have worked together many years organizing the Home Tour and we have enjoyed our role in making it a successful event. We encourage all those interested in Alameda’s history and the preservation of historic homes to be involved in planning and executing the tour to be held September 27, 2020. To volunteer visit