Purpose of the list

The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS) often receives requests for the names of persons or firms that provide maintenance and restoration related services and materials for historic homes in Alameda.  The following is a preliminary and partial list of some of the people and firms who may have provided services and materials to some AAPS members and local homeowners that have received Alameda Architectural Preservation Society awards, historic plaques or been on the annual AAPS House Tour.  Additionally, there are others listed who advertise as providing services and materials that may be used in residential historic preservation and restoration.

Statement of non-responsibility, liability, and warranty

The service and material information contained on this website is limited in scope and is for preliminary information purposes only.  It is not intended to be a recommendation.  Use of this information is at the Owner’s discretion and should only be used if it is understood that the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society has not contracted with, evaluated or purchased any materials from any of the firms or individuals listed.  Additionally, the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society does not warranty the work, services or materials provided by any of the people, firms or businesses listed.  You should not rely upon the information or listings on this website as a basis for making any business, legal or other decisions.  AAPS does not take any responsibility for the materials, work or credentials of those listed.  Furthermore, we do not guarantee any listee’s work or the materials they provide.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to determine the most appropriate manner and means for making informed reviews and evaluations of the services and materials provided by the firms and individuals they select prior to entering into a contract or agreement with any firm, individual or supplier and to verify that the business is qualified and capable of performing all the tasks required to complete all aspects of the project on schedule, has timely access to all the necessary materials and has all required current licenses, bonds, insurance coverages and any required permits etc. that will remain in force throughout the course of the entire project.

Exterior Color Design: Bob Buckter 415-922-7444 Bob Buckter Color Consultant
Interior Plaster Repair, Refinishing and Graining: Jameson Construction 510-755-3975 John M. Jameson Construction
Architectural services: Jerri Holan & Associates Architects 510-684-4322 Jerri Holan & Associates
Foundation, slab, structural stabilization, framing: Jameson Construction 510-755-3975 John M. Jameson Construction
Stucco removal, exterior restoration: Jameson Construction 510-755-3975 John M. Jameson Construction
Signal wiring: Internet distribution, coaxial cable, phone: Sid Nielson Electric – SJN Electric 510-867-8700
Electrical System Replacement: Sid Nielson Electric – SJN Electric 510-867-8700
Back stairs, balustrade: Lance Barnes Construction 209-649-3933
Master bathroom tile installation: Lance Barnes Construction 209-649-3933
Carpet installation: Bob Mai Carpeting 510-717-4164
Roofing services, gutters, downspout: Dave Lopez, Advanced Roofing 510-522-2565 Advanced Roofing Services
Lumber suppliers: Economy Lumber 510-261-6100 Economy Lumber
Beronio Lumber 415-824-4300 Beronio Lumber
Custom Millwork: White Brothers 510-261-1600 White Brothers Mill
Beronio Lumber 415-824-4300 Beronio Lumber
Plumbing: A.T. Weber 510-821-2411 A T Weber
Kitchen cabinets & countertop: Golden Stone Granite 510-266-3633 Golden Stone Granite
Bent glass manufacturer: Lauren Inglish, Glassworks 510-794-0388
Lighting restoration & reproductions: Nowell’s 415-332-4933 Nowell’s Lighting
Kitchen window assembly: Rick Mestrich, Russo Windows & Doors, 510-569-5986
Glazing: Dennis DiVita Russo Glass 510-533-7400
Furnace and ductwork installation: A.T. Weber 510-821-2411 A T Weber
Architectural salvage, hardware, doors: Ohmega Salvage Berkeley 510-204-0767 Ohmega Salvage
Window shades: Zwick Roller Shades (Chicago) 877-588-5200 Zwick Roller Shades
Landscape design & Installation: Sal Maldonado, Beautiful Gardens, 510-590-7907
Gilding (gold address): Chris Rummell 510-309-7131
Front door reconstruction: Chris Yerke 415-596-0843 Artistic License – Chris Yerke
Front door oak graining: George Zaffle 530-412-1776 Artistic License – George Zaffle

Stained glass restoration and conservation: Joan di Stefano Ruiz 510-465-9031 Di Stefano Ruiz Studio