A self-guided tour featuring six homes from Central Alameda to the East End, plus the Meyers House & Garden for refreshments and vendor displays. Participants will partake of exterior charms, lush garden settings, and interiors of homes from the Victorian-era. On the tour you will see and learn about the different approaches to contemporary living in a vintage home.

The tour functions as a fundraiser for the Alameda Museum and the Alameda Architectural Preservation Society. These two non-profit organizations educate and inspire people who are interested in the history and preservation of historic architecture in Alameda. The event is sponsored by Little House Cafe.

Advance ticket vouchers available at:

Online: Alameda Legacy Home Tour Tickets
Daisy’s:1347 Park Street
Thomsen’s Garden Center: 1113 Lincoln Avenue
Wescafe:1518 Webster Street

Tour day tickets available at Franklin Park, Morton Street & San Antonio Avenue