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Public Input

We are inviting the users of this listing to go through and let us know if there are any companies that have reached your level of expertise to be added to this master list.  Also, if there are any companies that have retired, please let us know so we can remove that listing.  Thank you.

List of Member Referrals

Historic Building Resources
George Gunn – Curator of the Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Ave., 510-521-1233. Author of two books:
1. Documentation of Victorian and Post Victorian Residential and
Commercial Buildings, City of Alameda, 1854 to 1904.
2. Buildings of the Edwardian Period, City of Alameda, 1905 to
December 31, 1909.
Both books may be purchased at the Alameda Museum.
City of Alameda Planning and Building Department – 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Room 190. 510-747-6805. Street address specific records of all permitted construction related projects since 1910.
Alameda Public Library – Reference Desk (2nd Floor) – 1500 Oak St.
Oakland Public Library – History Room – 125 14th St., Oakland
Artistic License, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Artistic License members provide a wide range of services and products from architectural design and building restoration to period furnishings and fine finishes. The members have extensive experience in the historic preservation field and have participated in the restoration of many of the most significant homes in our area. Several of the members have given talks to AAPS.
Color Specialists
Bob Buckter, Color consultant, 2877 20th St., San Francisco, 415-922-7444
The Color Lady & Associates, 2023 Clement, #4, 510-337-7865
Hutchcraft Construction & remodeling, Celeste Hutchinson, 3280 Briggs Ave., 510-520-6560
Melissa Guerrero Design, 510-749-0766
Plaster/ Stucco, Exterior
Davis Stucco, 2318 Eagle Ave., 510-549-9911
Kirk Giordano Plastering, 2318 Eagle Ave., 510-521-9546
John M. Jameson Construction 2515 Santa Clara Ave., 510-749-8363
Carroll Construction 885 Island Dr., #206, 510-523-1968
Alameda Structural, Inc. 1620 Clinton Ave., 510-523-1610
Christopher Rummell 510-309-7131
Gutters and Downspouts
Jenks Gutters and Downspouts 2151 Encinal Ave., 510-523-0897
Central Bay Roofing and Restoration 1814 Clement, 510-521-7334
Advanced Roofing Services, Inc. Dave Lopez, 510-522-2565
Blue Ox Millworks One X St., Eureka, 707-444-3437, Redwood gutters and curved work, custom milling
Home Inspection
BPG Inspections, David Teare, 1-800-285-3001 [email protected]
Landscape Designers
Sal Maldonado, 510-309-7131
J & E Gardening & Landscaping, 15110 Inverness St., San Leandro, 510-599-2297
L. Huls Designs, 141 W. Broadmoor Blvd., #4, San Leandro, 510-393-9581: Aesthetic gates, deck installation, hardscape.