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Public Input

We are inviting the users of this listing to go through and let us know if there are any companies that have reached your level of expertise to be added to this master list. You may send us your recommendations using the email form linked here : Referral List Recommendation . Also, if there are any companies that have retired or should be removed, please let us know so we can remove that listing.  Thank you.

List of Member Referrals

Historic Building Resources
George Gunn – Curator of the Alameda Museum, 2324 Alameda Ave., 510-521-1233. Author of two books:
1. Documentation of Victorian and Post Victorian Residential and
Commercial Buildings, City of Alameda, 1854 to 1904.
2. Buildings of the Edwardian Period, City of Alameda, 1905 to
December 31, 1909.
Both books may be purchased at the Alameda Museum.
City of Alameda Planning and Building Department – 2263 Santa Clara Ave., Room 190. 510-747-6805. Street address specific records of all permitted construction related projects since 1910.
Alameda Public Library – Reference Desk (2nd Floor) – 1500 Oak St.
Oakland Public Library – History Room – 125 14th St., Oakland
Artistic License, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Artistic License members provide a wide range of services and products from architectural design and building restoration to period furnishings and fine finishes. The members have extensive experience in the historic preservation field and have participated in the restoration of many of the most significant homes in our area. Several of the members have given talks to AAPS.
Appliance Installation
Anderson Service and Appliance Oakland, 510-301-0223
General Refrigeration Service, 1714 Franklin St., Ste 100-214, Oakland, 510-652-1302
Appliance repair
Appliance Repair Doctor, 457 Buena Vista Ave., Alameda, 510-561-1429
Kim’s Appliance, 4070 Mera St., Oakland, 510-436-5382
Angela Klein 2622 Lincoln, 510-205-2594
Ann Marie Celona 2608 9th St., Suite 301, Berkeley, 510-420-1128
Daniel Hoy AIA, 314 Pacific Ave., 510-520-6528
Dennis Owens, 211 10th St., Oakland, 510-839-6968
Italo Calpestri, 220 Columbia Ave., Kensington, 510-524-4755
Jerri Holan & Associates 1323 Solano Ave., Ste 204, Albany, 510-528-1079
Joanna Bianchi 3013 Santa Clara Ave., 510-917-0558
Komorous-Towey 410 12th St., Suite 300, Oakland, 510-446-2244
Norman Sanchez 1151 Harbor Bay Pkwy, Ste 206C, 510-522-1160
Pierluigi Serraino, AIA, 502 Lugunaria Ln. Alameda, 415-902-2595
Rynerson O'Brien Architecture 990 Peralta, Albany, 510-452-9152
Saikley Architects 2533 Clement, 510-205-2594
Thomas Saxby 910 Santa Clara Ave., Alameda, 510-337-1720
Thornton Weiler 452 Lincoln, 510-381-4829
Saikley Architects 2533 Clement Ave., Alameda, 510-217-8328
Historic Preservation Architects
Architectural Resources Group Pier 9, The Embarcadero #107, San Francisco, 415-421-1680
Page and Turnbull 170 Maiden Ln., 5th Floor, San Francisco, 415-362-5154
Saikley Architects 2533 Clement Ave., 510-420-1234
Architectural Portraiture
Candace Rowe Alameda
David Savellano Alameda, 510-814-0504
Cabinets - custom
East Bay Custom Cabinets, 929 77th Ave., Oakland, 510-213-0111
Rex Custom Cabinets, 3420 San Leandro St., Oakland, 510-534-2112
Sincere Home Decor, 276 11th St., Oakland, 510-832-2838
Don MacLean, Artisan, Designer, Master Carpenter, 510-655-9267
Ceramic Tiles and Installation
Lance Barnes Construction, 5467 Division Rd., Manteca, 209-649-3933
L'Esperance Tile Works 1118 Rock City Rd., Rock City Falls, New York, 518-884-2814
Perri Marble & Tile 1319 High St., Alameda, 510-865-3097
Riley Doty - Doty Tile 510-610-6859
Chimney and Fireplace Surrounds - including hearth repairs
Hoffman Construction, 915 Grayson Lane, Pleasant Hill, 925 937-5381, Email
Laurel Crown Furniture 801 Woodside Way, San Mateo, 800-573-1008
Color Specialists
Bob Buckter, Color consultant, 2877 20th St., San Francisco, 415-922-7444
The Color Lady & Associates, 2023 Clement, #4, 510-337-7865
Hutchcraft Construction & remodeling, Celeste Hutchinson, 3280 Briggs Ave., 510-520-6560
Melissa Guerrero Design, 510-749-0766
A.G. River Co., Agustin Gonzalez, 900 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, 415-648-8535
ASAP Custom Windows Inc. 5515 Doyle St., Emeryville, 510-601-6901
Ocean Sash & Door 2730 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco, 415-863-1256
Portals Wood Window & Door El Cerrito, 510-676-6664
Russo Windows and Doors, 8435 Baldwin St, Oakland, 510-569-5986
Windows and Door Solutions, 22857 1St St., Hayward, 510-981-9725
David Massey Electric, 1812 Santa Clara Ave., 510-522-0234
Pacific Bay Electric, 1813 Clement Ave., Bldg. 23A, 510-865-2575
T.E.C. Electrical 1590 Buena Vista Ave., 510-814-9387
Electrical - Internet, phone, cable
Hiddens Connections 909 Marina Village Pkwy, #300, 510-865-3940
Sidney J. Nielsen Electric, SJN Electric, 512 Dolores Ave., San Leandro, 510-614-2054
Fireplace Inserts
Berkeley Heat 915 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, 510-843-2000
Blaze Fireplace 395 Mendell St., San Francisco, 415-495-2002
Kidd Fireplace 10956 Bigge St., San Leandro, 510-532-7409
John M. Jameson Construction 2515 Santa Clara Ave., 510-749-8363
Carroll Construction 885 Island Dr., #206, 510-523-1968
Alameda Structural, Inc. 1620 Clinton Ave., 510-523-1610
General Building Contractors
Beilman Construction, 3306 Liberty Ave., Alameda, 510-697-0540
Buestad Construction 2533 Clement Ave., 510-523-1925
Carroll Construction Alameda, 510-523-1968
Christopher Yerke Restoration Workshop, 415-596-0843
Daimon Construction, 2139 Alameda Ave., 510-406-2299
De Smidt Design Build, 1066 47th Ave., #5, Oakland, 510-482-2964
Gourley Construction, 85 VanCleave Way., Oakland, 510-530-5308
Hutchcraft Construction and Remodeling, 3280 Briggs Ave., 510-520-6560
John M. Jameson Construction 2515 Santa Clara Ave., Ste #206, 510-749-8363
Larry Kudla Construction, 2601 Blanding Ave., C307, 510-599-6806
Paul Schmidt Builders, 2520 Blanding Ave., 510-521-3957
PNPC Inc. Pacific Northwest Painters and Construction, 130 Doolittle Ave., #16, San Leandro, 510-523-8108
RI Best Construction Contractor, 510-381-9362
RC Allen Construction, 510-289-8982
Alameda Tiny Homes, 415-935-4265
Historic Reconstruction General Contractor
Christopher Yerke (Artistic License), San Francisco, 415-596-0843
Christopher Rummell 510-309-7131
Glass - Clear/ Plate
Russo Glass 5014 International Blvd., Oakland, 510-533-7400
Simmons Glass, 940 W. MacArthur Blvd., Emeryville, 510-596-4010
The Glass Man & Sons 940 W. MacArthur Blvd., Emeryville, 510-596-4010
Glass, Stained, Art - Design and Repair
Di Stefano Ruiz Studio Joan Di Stefano Ruiz, 510-465-9031
Lauren Inglish, Bent Glass, Glassworks, 510-794-0388
Nzilani Glass , 3246 Ettie St, #4, Oakland, (510) 995-0477
Piggery Panes 1731 Clement Ave., #29E, Alameda, 510-523-3657
Sugar Town Art Glass 1301 Pomona St., Crockett, 510-417-8612
Theodore Ellison 1248 International Blvd., Oakland, 510-534-7632
Glass - Victorian Reproduction
Lehmann Glass Studio 1793 12th St., Oakland, 510-465-7158
Gutters and Downspouts
Jenks Gutters and Downspouts 2151 Encinal Ave., 510-523-0897
Central Bay Roofing and Restoration 1814 Clement, 510-521-7334
Advanced Roofing Services, Inc. Dave Lopez, 510-522-2565
Blue Ox Millworks One X St., Eureka, 707-444-3437, Redwood gutters and curved work, custom milling
Hardwood Floors - Repair, refinishing, new installation
Amazing Floors, 221 E. Lewelling Blvd., San Lorenzo, 510-278-5888
Superior Hardwood Floors, Danny Lu, Email at , 510-306-4485
Home Inspection
BPG Inspections, David Teare, 1-800-285-3001
BPG Inspections, Paul Breitkopf, Home Inspections. 925-838-5959,
Alliance Insulation San Leandro, 877-928-1513
Attic Pros 718 Douglas Ave., Oakland, 800-543-0382
Attic Solutions 3212 Deering St., Oakland, 510-500-5007
Johnson Insulation 1721 Broadway, Ste. 201, Oakland, 510-660-0455
Mega Attic Insulation and Cleaning, 925 Broadway, Alameda, 510-851-8984
Interior Designers and Decorators
Before and After Interior Design, 2160 Buena Vista, Alameda Ave., 510-331-8007
Ingrid Ballman Interior Design, 510-263-5435
Martha Tout Interior Design, 912 San Antonio Ave., 510-523-2625
Kitchen Designers
Angela Klein Architect, 2622 Lincoln Ave., 510-205-2594
Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins Inc 6624 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 510-843-3600
GS Granite 14066 Doolittle Dr., San Leandro, 510-266-3633
Sincere Home Decor 276 11th St., Oakland, 510-832-2838
Landscape Designers
Sal Maldonado, 510-309-7131
J & E Gardening & Landscaping, 15110 Inverness St., San Leandro, 510-599-2297
L. Huls Designs, 141 W. Broadmoor Blvd., #4, San Leandro, 510-393-9581: Aesthetic gates, deck installation, hardscape.
Landscape Architects
Arborealis Landscape Design 510-522-2708
Feyerabend & Madden Landscaping & Garden Design 155 Filbert St., Oakland, 510-450-0803.
PGAdesign 444 17th St., Oakland, 510-465-1284
Land surveyors
Meridian Surveying Engineering, Inc. 1101 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, 925-778-0626
Lighting Specialists
Alameda Shade Shop Diane Hayes, 914 Central Ave., 510-522-0633
Carol Chan, Carol Chan Lighting, 1900 Encinal, 510-865-6374
Classic Illumination Phil When, 1049 Folger Ave., Berkeley, 510-849-5464
Nowell's Lighting 654 Irwin St., San Rafael, 415-332-4933
Lock and Hardware Repair
Alameda Repair Shop 2436 Webb St., Alameda, 510-522-0131
Glenview Key & Lock 4197 Park Blvd., Oakland, 510-530-6141
Reed Brothers Security 2950 Alvarado St., Suite D, San Leandro, 510-652-2477
Lumberyards and Building Material Suppliers
Ashby Lumber 820 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, 510-843-4832
Beronio Lumber 2525 Marin St., San Francisco, 415-824-4300
Economy Lumber Company 750 High St., Oakland, 510-261-6100
MacBeath Hardwoods, 930 Ashby Ave., Berkeley, 510-843-4390
Truitt & White 642 Hearst Ave., Berkeley, 510-841-0511
White Brothers Moulding & Millwork 4801 Tidewater, Oakland, 510-261-1600
Hans Thiering Masonry 3243 Briggs Ave., 510-523-6348
International Masonry Specialists 657 65th St.., Oakland, 510-632-4541
Masonry, Hardscape and Concrete
Mr. Pavers 2100 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Unit 8, San Ramon, 510-334-5570
Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning 1451 32nd St., Oakland, 510-893-1343
A.T. Weber Plumbing & Mechanical 1100 Lincoln Ave., 510-523-0628
Metal or Tin - Ceilings, Mouldings, Cornices, Roofing
W.F. Norman Corp. 214 N. Cedar, Nevada, Missouri, 800-641-4038
Mold & Mildew Repair
911 Remediation 2632 International Blvd., Oakland, 510-283-0057
Bay Restorators 3407 E. 8th St., Oakland, 510-534-6647
Ryan Peacock Inc. 1061 Richard Ave., Santa Clara, 510-592-6834
Moulding, Interior and Exterior
American Wood Turning 1745 Yosemite Ave., #110, San Francisco, 415-431-1595
Apple Blossom Moulding and Millworks 2411 Crow Canyon Rd., #L, San Ramon, 925-820-2345
Brooks Architectural Products 13551 Yorba Ave., Chino, 562-920-3000
Lowpensky Moulding 900 Palou Ave., San Francisco, 415-822-7422
Mad River Woodworks 5303 Boyd Rd., Arcata, 707-668-5671
Peter Smalley, Allied Wood Products, 2908 E. 7th St., Oakland, 510-536-1277
Saroyan Hardwoods 6500 National Dr., #8805, Livermore, 925-960-1970
The Moulding Company 454 S. Airport Blvd., South San Francisco, 650-648-0300
White Brothers Moulding & Millwork 4801 Tidewater, Oakland, 510-261-1600.
Arana Craftsman Painters, 819 San Leandro Blvd, San Leandro, CA, 510-567-9559
Joe Simons Painting, 969 Pine St., San Francisco, 415-574-1504
Olson's Painting Company 510-521-3351
Pacific Northwest Painting Co. 2023 Clement Ave., 510-523-8108
Liquid Culture Painting 2022 University Ave., #91, Berkeley, 510-689-8822
Platypus Painting 1129 32nd St., Oakland, 510-508-0736
Winning Colors Painting 241 Duboce Ave., San Francisco, 415-826-0423
Aurora Painting and Decorating 3938 Robley Terrace, Oakland, 510-655-9267
Pest inspection and remediation
Omega Termite & Pest Control Allen Kanady, 800-257-3636
Biovent Termite 3051 Rollingwood Dr., San Pablo, 866-981-5301
Plaster, Ornamental - Medallions, Moulding, Elements
Lorna Kollmeyer Ornamental Plaster, Hunters Point Shipyard #115, San Francisco, 415-822-6269
Plaster/ Stucco, Exterior
Davis Stucco, 2318 Eagle Ave., 510-549-9911
Kirk Giordano Plastering, 2318 Eagle Ave., 510-521-9546
Johnson Plating Works, 2526 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 510-444-7671
Monsen Silversmiths 3370 Adeline St., Berkeley, 510-655-0890
A.T. Weber Plumbing & Mechanical 100 Lincoln, 510-523-0628
Big Blue Plumbing 68 Stewart Ct., Alameda, 510-939-7870
Ethan's Service Pluming 875A Island Dr., Ste 358, 510-390-4185
Rick’s Plumbing, Alameda, 510-830-7624
TA Roberts Plumbing 1013 Central Ave., 510-912-2418
Plumbing Fixtures and Repairs
The Sink Factory 1826 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 510-540-8193
Pocket Door - New and Repair
G. Barry Wagner, The Pocket Door Specialist, 2809 9th St., Berkeley, 510-841-4040
Refinishing, surface - bathtub, counter, & tile
Miracle Method 5702 Marsh Dr., #J, Martinez, 925-685-4411
Advanced Roofing Services Inc. Dave Lopez, 510-522-2565
Century Roof & Solar 23135 Saklan Rd., Hayward, 510-780-9489
Chandler Ham Inc 43197 Osgood Rd., Fremont, 510-657-5176
Central Bay Roofing & Restoration 1814 Clement, 510-521-7334
Lovett & Lovett Roofing Co. Inc. 510-532-7663
Security Systems
Reed Brothers Security 2950 Alvarado St., Suite D, San Leandro, 510-652-2477
Salvage Supply
Ohmega Salvage 2400 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 510-204-0767
Urban Ore 900 Murray St., Berkeley, 510-841-7283
Soils engineers
Faultline Geologic, 925 Broadway, Alameda, 510-381-1239
Michelucci & Associates 1801 Murchison Dr., Suite 210, Burlingame, 650-692-0163
P.E., Inc., Dave Olnes, 7915 Crest Ave., Oakland, 510-568-2162
Sheetmetal / Flashing
YH Sheetmetal, 926 High St., Oakland, 510-533-9186
Stairs and Balustrades
Daimon Construction, 2139 Alameda Ave., 510-406-2299
Martinez Stair Company Concord, 925-788-0383
Pedemonte Woodworking and Construction, 2547 8th St., Berkeley, 510-883-9859
Structural Inspection
iAssociates 1314 Fountain St., Alameda, 510-337-0263
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates 2000 Powell St., #1650, Emeryville, 510-428-2907, ask for Kelly Cobeen
Victorian facades, design and execution
Clearheart Fine Design and Building 912 Cole St., Ste. 320, San Francisco, 415-571-5338
Bradbury & Bradbury 940 Tyler St., Studio #12, Benicia, 707-746-1900
Wallpaper Hanging
Jon Robertson 200 Mono St., Richmond, 510-685-4878
Karl Kardel Co 4926 E. 12th St., Ste 1, Oakland, 510-281-4149
Window Coverings
Alameda Shade Shop 914 Central Ave., Alameda, 510-522-0633
JLS Window Coverings 255 4th St., Oakland, 510-502-4440
Slats Blinds 1829 Clement Ave., Ste. 201, Alameda, 510-769-7528
Zwick Window Shade Co. 3336 West Foster Ave., Chicago, 877-588-5200
Window Repair
John L. Staton Window & Doors, 1214 5th St., Berkeley, 510-527-3114
Portals Wood Window & Doors, El Cerrito, 510-676-6664
Windows and Door Solutions, 22857 1St St., Hayward, 510-981-9725
Architectural Fenestration & Restoration, Inc., Alan Zweig, Architect, 196 Tunstead Avenue, San Anselmo, 415-717-8008
A.G. River Co., Agustin Gonzalez, 900 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, 415-648-8535
ASAP Custom Windows and Doors 5515 Doyle St., Emeryville, 510-601-6901
John L. Staton 1214 5th St., Berkeley, 510-527-3114
Ocean Sash& Door 2730 Oakdale Ave., San Francisco, 415-863-1256
Russo Windows and Doors, 8435 Baldwin St., Oakland, 510-569-5986
Wood Window Warehouse 1301 66th St. and Hollis, Emeryville, 510-652-1662
Wood Graining and Refinishing
George Zaffle Wood Graining (Artistic License), 530-412-1776
David Howell, Wood Refinishing, 650-520-9332
Wood Shingle Siding
Govers Sidewall Shingling 510-339-6965
Pacific Shingle Co. 650-359-4872
Sidewall Shinglecraft 415-259-1017
Wood - Turning and Carving
H. J. Bezanis Wood Turning and Carving, 3222 Folsom St., San Francisco,
Wrought Iron
Reed Brothers Security 2950 Alvarado St., Suite D, San Leandro, 510-652-2477
Universal Ornamental Iron Works 19871 Royal Ave., Oakland, 510-278-2990