The Awards showcase projects that preserve, restore or reuse historic property in a way that enhances its architectural character.

AAPS Preservaton Award Plaque

The awards debuted in 1998, when AAPS honored Alameda’s renovated City Hall, three restored Victorians, and two rejuvenated commercial buildings. Examples of other award recipients are the U.S.S. Hornet aircraft carrier museum, Kofman Auditorium in the Historic Alameda High School, the Delanoy Building, the Masonic Temple, the Neptune Palace Hotel, the Alameda Theatre, and the Clamp Swing building. Many residential properties have also been honored, including homes which have removed asbestos or vinyl siding and restored the original siding, millwork and windows. For a list of all recipients since 2002, see the page Record of Preservation Award Winners.

To nominate a resource in the City of Alameda for an AAPS Preservation Award, please print out and mail the nomination packet in PDF form you can download here

Record of Preservation Award Winners








922 Lafayette Street2021Residential Patricia Devlin, Owner; Alexandra Saikley, Saikley Architects; Lorna Kollmeyer Ornamental Plaster, Medallions; Aurora Painting, Exterior Painters.
603 Haight Avenue2021ResidentialNick Winkworth & Judith Jones, Owners; Robert Allen, General Contractor; John Jameson, Foundation Contractor.
2508 Eagle Avenue2021ResidentialKris Koblik and Sean Nolan, Owners; Don Maclean, Artisan, Designer, Master Carpenter
1814 Ninth Street2021ResidentialGreg and Jill Harrison, Owners; Jarvis Moore, Draughtsman; Izet Tudzinovic, RI Best Construction, Contractor
1504 Verdi Street2021ResidentialNate Martin and Jen Evans, Owners
1428 Benton Street2021ResidentialJL Mount Investment Company, John H. Jiang and Kwan Hong Li, Owners; Kwan Hong Li, General Contractor; Phoebe Yu, Designer and Realtor; Jim Smallman, Project Manager; Russo Windows, Custom Wood Windows
	<br />
2200Central_2020AAlameda High School2200 Central Avenue2020PublicRobbie Lyng, Director of Construction, Alameda Unified School District; Mark Quattrocchi, Quattrocchi Kwok Architects; Chris Warner, ZFA Structural Engineers
1423Central_2020A1423 Central Avenue2020ResidentialValerie and John Moyer, Owners; Virginia Mui and William Glass, Owners
12860Jackson_2020B2860Jackson_2020A2860 Jackson Street2020ResidentialJerry Schneider, Owner; Don McLean, Carpenter; Oliver Govers, Govers Sidewall Shingling; Bob Buckter, Color Consultant
1723Central_2020B	<br />
1723Central_2020A1723 Central Avenue2020ResidentialAlan H. Teague, Owner; Nathan Jones & Daniel Stark, North by West Construction; Michael Richardson, Next Level Painting; Myron Olson, Olson Painting
1305Ninth_2020B1305Ninth_2020A1305 Ninth Street2020ResidentialJan Erion, Owner; Joe Landry, Architect
707WTower_Building9_2019B707WTower_Building9Building 9707 W. Tower Avenue2019CommercialDeveloper, srmErnst Development Partners; Owner, 707/9 West Tower Avenue, LLC; Architects, Forge Architecture, San Francisco.
2314Eagle_2019B2314Eagle_2019A.jpg2314 Eagle Avenue2019ResidentialRobert McLaughlin, Jane Friedrich, and Jill Friedrich, Bright Source Properties; City of Alameda Planning Division.
1208BuenaVista_2019B.jpg1208BuenaVista_2019A.JPG1208 -1210 Buena Vista Avenue 2019ResidentialJinying ‘Fiona’ Liang, Owner; Italo Calpestri III, Architect; City of Alameda Planning Division.
1817SanAntonio_2019B.jpg1817SanAntonio_2019A.JPG1817 San Antonio Ave2019ResidentialLinda Bytof & Mark Renner, Owners; Ann Maria Celona, Architect; Pete Raisig, Santilli Construction; Jose Gonzales, Liquid Culture Painting; Color Consultants Judy Goode, Celeste Hutchinson.
2138AlamedaAvenue_2019B.jpg2138AlamedaAvenue_2019A.jpg2138 Alameda Avenue2019ResidentialDiv Sawhney, Real Equity Investment Associates, LLC.; City of Alameda Planning Division.
2525Noble_2019B.jpg2525Noble_2019A.jpg2525 Noble Avenue2019ResidentialOwners, Deborah Morgan & John Oldham; Design, Derek Pavlik Design; Contractors, Matt & Sam Najdek, Ore-Cal Construction, Inc.
651WTower01.JPG651WTower01.JPGBuilding 91651 W. Tower Avenue2018CommercialAP Building 91, LLC & srmErnst Development Partners
1003MortonStreet02.jpeg1003MortonStreet01.jpg1003 Morton Street2018ResidentialDougal and Kim Brinkley
1912Central01.jpgFirst Congregational Church1912 Central Avenue2018PublicThe First Congregational Church of Alameda
2134SanJose02.jpg2134SanJose01.jpeg 2134 San Jose Avenue
2018ResidentialAntonia and Hank Hernandez
2253SanAntonio02.jpg2253SanAntonio01.jpg 2253 San Antonio Avenue2018ResidentialMaria & Douglas Love
1201Lafayette01.jpeg 1201 Lafayette Street2018ResidentialJohn H. Jiang
2_2631SanJose02.jpg2631SanJose01.jpg 2631 San Jose Avenue2018ResidentialTed and Anne Rogers
AlamedaPortal01AlamedaPortal02.pngAlameda Portal Alameda Portal, Webster Street2017PublicCalifornia Department of Transportation
1012GrandStreet01 1012 Grand Street2017ResidentialLois and Bill Francis
Wescafe 1518 Webster Street2017CommercialMonica & Miguel Trejo
643 Central Avenue2017ResidentialRuben & Araceli Quezada
Classic Alameda Streetlights Classic Alameda Streetlights2017PublicAlameda Municipal Power

Home of Truth Spiritual Center 1300 Grand Street2017PublicThe Home of Truth Board and Community
Clark Memorial Bench Jackson Park, Park Avenue2017PublicSave The Bench Committee – Denise Shelton, Betsy Mathieson, Jack Mingo, and Jim Manning
1109chestnutstreet01St. Joseph Basilica1109 Chestnut Street2016PublicThe Parish of St. Joseph Basilica, C & R Glass; Stained Glass Restoration and Protection
1122unionstreet021122unionstreet011122 Union Street2016ResidentialJohn L. Lipp and Peter Lunny, Owners and
McNeil Construction, Contractor
1207unionstreet021207unionstreet011207 Union Street2016ResidentialDamon Rees, Owner and Martha Tout, Designer
1315moundstreet021315moundstreet011315 Mound Street2016ResidentialJohn H. Jiang, Owner; Kwan Li, Woodwork; Phoebe Yu, Interior and Exterior Design; Fernando Cabeza, Fernando’s Painting Company
2061buenavista022061buenavista012061 Buena Vista2016Residential Tip of the HatSusie Murphy, Owner
1419parkstreet021419parkstreet011419 Park Street2016CommercialFrank & Debbie George, Owners; Sue Russell, City of Alameda Facade Improvement Program; Mi’Chelle Fredrick, Designer; Golden Gate Sign Company; Downtown Alameda Business District; Robb Ratto, Executive Director DABA; John Jacobs, Bank of Marin
3264Briggs023264Briggs013264 Briggs Avenue2015ResidentialClive and Susan Hughes
305Haight02305Haight01305 Haight Street2015ResidentialJohn and Elizabeth Warmerdam
1833Clinton021833Clinton011833 Clinton Avenue2015ResidentialJim Smallman
1400Park021400Park011400 Park Street2015CommercialGiulio Accornero, Jr.
1609Lincoln011609Lincoln011609 Lincoln Avenue2015Certificate of Appreciation Code ComplianceMichael Meyer, Code Enforcement Officer
1530Mozart021530Mozart011530 Mozart Street2014ResidentialTommie Veirs
1208Lincoln021208Lincoln011208 Lincoln Avenue2014CommercialMichael Sadeghi; City of Alameda Community Development Department
1540ParkStreet021540ParkStreet01Powell Building1540 Park Street2014CommercialLiang Hui Fong & Anna Liu Fong
924Taylor02924Taylor01924 Taylor Avenue2014ResidentialSimon Olivieri
1502Grand021502Grand011502 Grand Street2014ResidentialStewart Wilson
1244Sherman011244 Sherman Street2014Residential Tip of the HatDaniel and Irene Neumansky
1514Benton011514 Benton Street2014Residential Tip of the HatClaudia Bowman
1206_ninth011206_ninth021206 Ninth Street2013ResidentialRay & Susan Ironside, Owner; Dean & Stacie Ironside,
1715schiller011715schiller021715 Schiller Street2013ResidentialClaudia Bowman
a7jet02A-7B Corsair IIA-7B Corsair II Alameda Point2013PublicAward Recipients: City of Alameda, Community Development Department; Ryan Gaughan, PM Realty Group, L.P
1417sanantonio011417sanantonio021417 San Antonio Avenue2013ResidentialJohn & Lynn Faris
1505-07parkstreet011505-07parkstreet1505-7 Park Street2013CommercialVickie & Ken Monize, Business Owners; Doug Durein, Property Owner
1616 Webster Street1616 Webster Street1616 Webster Street2012CommercialCharles Ma, Daniel Hoy, City of Alameda Façade Grant Program
1423 Versailles Avenue 1423 Versailles Avenue 1423 Versailles Avenue2012ResidentialJohn & Diane Dove
727 Paru Street727 Paru Street727 Paru Street2012ResidentialRick & Kris Nelson
1521 Webster StreetThe Belfast Mug Root Beer Sign1521 Webster Street2012CommercialDon Lindsey, Michael MacDonald, City of Alameda Façade Grant Program
2412-2414 Lincoln Avenue2412-2414 Lincoln Avenue2412-14 Lincoln Avenue2012CommercialMichael Wright & Michael Wright II, City of Alameda Façade Grant Program; Frank and Delores Cirmelli
1723 Central Avenue1723 Central Avenue1723 Central Avenue2012ResidentialAlan H. Teague, Sam & Matt Najdek, Alan Santes, Derek Pavlik
A-4 SkyhawkA-4 SkyhawkA-4 SkyhawkA4 Skyhawk Alameda Point2012Public Economic Development Department, City of Alameda
855 Cedar Street855 Cedar Street855 Cedar Street2012ResidentialMeilin Liu, Larry Kudla, J. Benjamin McGrew
1830 Alameda Avenue1830 Alameda Avenue1830 Alameda Avenue2012ResidentialKatja Huebner, Gaurav Kapur
Red OnionRed OnionRed Onion1222 Park Street2012CommercialBuffie Choi, City of Alameda
1837 Clinton Avenue1837 Clinton Ave1837 Clinton Avenue2011ResidentialJim Smallman
2313 Santa Clara Ave2313 Santa Clara AveThe Hally Building2313 Santa Clara Avenue2011CommercialSusan and Brian Kelley
and Joan Winiecke
323 Lincoln Ave323 Lincoln Ave323 Lincoln Avenue2011ResidentialBenny Louie
1606-14 Webster St1606-14 Webster StThe Gochnauer Building1606-1614 Webster Street2011CommercialCharlie Ma
2200 Central Ave2200 Central AveAlameda High School2200 Central Avenue2011PublicAlameda Unified School District
2317Santa ClaraAve2010MMDDNo22317Santa ClaraAveNo32317 Santa Clara Avenue2010CommercialLaVonne & Chris Museo, Kesete Kifle
Economic Development Department, City of Alameda
1536WebsterStreetNo31536WebsterStreetNo2Wescafe1536 Webster Street2010CommercialMiguel & Monica Trejo
1044-1044-1-2CentralAveNo11044-1044-1-2CentralAveNo21044-1044 1/2 Central Avenue2010ResidentialNancy and Wayne Marzolf
1356BroadwayNo11356BroadwayNo21356 Broadway2010ResidentialShu and Won Yuen
2301MonarchStNo6Building 024, Alameda Point2301 Monarch Street2010Adaptive Reuse Building Tenants
Area 51 Events Center
American Bus Repair, LLC
Rock Wall Wine Co.
1524BayStNo31524BayStNo41524 Bay Street2010ResidentialTie Jun Liu and Xiao Hong Ruan
Michael Low, and Jenny Liu
1223HighStreet1223 High Street2010Residential Tip of the HatThe Reno Family
1547EverettStreet1547 Everett Street2010Residential Tip of the HatGene and Dora Calhoun
2175MonarchStreetFlight Control Tower, NAS Alameda2175 Monarch Street2010Commercial Tip of the HatMakani Power
06image01aAuctions by the Bay Theater2700 Saratoga Street2009Commercial Allen Michaan
2111LincolnAve2009MMDDNo12111LincolnAve2009MMDDNo22111 Lincoln Avenue2009ResidentialAnthony Yan, Yanscape Designs
2317CentralAve2009MMDDNo12317CentralAve2009MMDDNo2Alameda Theatre & Cineplex2317 Central Avenue2009CommercialCommunity Improvement Commission of the City of Alameda
Alameda Entertainment Associates, L.P.
2531ClementAve2009MMDDNo12531ClementAve2009MMDDNo22531 Clement Avenue2009CommercialClement Avenue Property, LLC, John C. Buestad & Ken Carvalho
2310ClementAve2009MMDDNo12310ClementAve2009MMDDNo22310 Clement Avenue2009CommercialWilliam Emberley
1530-32NinthSt2009MMDDNo11530-32NinthSt2009MMDDNo41530-1532 9th Street2009ResidentialMohamed Elhashash and City of Alameda, Development Services Department
2513BlandingAve2009MMDDNo12513blandingave2009mmddno2Rhythmix Studio2513 Blanding Avenue2009Adaptive ReuseJanet Koike and Rhythmix Cultural Works
1202UnionSt2008MMDDNo11202UnionSt2008MMDDNo21202 Union Street2008ResidentialOwners Dan & Pam Deremiah
1206UnionSt2008MMDDNo11206UnionSt2008MMDDNo21206 Union Street2008Residential Owners Jim & Nancy Ryan
Building400AlamedaPoint2008MMDDNo1Building 400, Alameda Point2900 Main Street2008Adaptive ReuseBay Ship & Yacht, Tenants
1414LafayetteSt2008MMDDNo11414LafayetteSt2008MMDDNo21414 Lafayette Street2008ResidentialMark, Dianna
and Cole Wyman and Grannie
2300BlandingAve2008MMDDNo12300BlandingAve2008MMDDNo2 Little House Cafe 2300 Blanding Avenue2008Commercial, Adaptive Reuse Little House Cafe
2300-2306EncinalAve2008MMDDNo12300-2306EncinalAve2008MMDDNo2Encinal Place2300-2306 Encinal Avenue2008CommercialMinh and
FrancescaNguyen, owners and archi-
tect; City of Alameda Development
Services Department, Façade
Grant Program
1431WebsterSt2008MMDDNo1Golden Bridge Beverage Sign1431 Webster Street2008CommercialMr. and Mrs. Kyoo Kim, building
owners; Michael McDonald, restoration artist; West
Alameda Business Association; City of Alameda
Development Services Department, Façade Grant Program
Hangar21AlamedaPoint2007MMDDNo1St. George Spirits, Hangar 21, Alameda Point2601 Monarch Street2007Commercial
Adaptive Reuse
St. George Spirits, Tenant
SantaClaraAveParkSt2007MMDDNo1SantaClaraAveParkSt2007MMDDNo2Paul's NewsstandSanta Clara & Park Street2007CommercialThe City of Alameda
1011GrandSt2003MMDDNo21011GrandSt2007MMDDNo21011 Grand Street2007ResidentialGarry and Sylvia Bennett
2516EncinalAve2007MMDDNo12516EncinalAve2007MMDDNo22516 Encinal Avenue2007ResidentialKieran and Sara Hughes
2323BuenaVistaAve2007MMDDNo12323BuenaVistaAve2007MMDDNo22323 Buena Vista Avenue2007ResidentialKen Lund
2001SantaClaraAve2007MMDDNo12001SantaClaraAve2007MMDDNo2First Presbyterian Church2001 Santa Clara Avenue2007PublicThe congregation of First Presbyterian
Church of Alameda
1544-52WebsterSt2006MMDDNo011544-52WebsterSt2006MMDDNo02Neptune Palace Hotel1544-52 Webster Street2006Commercial
910CentralAve2006MMDDNo01910CentralAve2006MMDDNo02910 Santa Clara Avenue2006ResidentialThomas and Katherine Saxby
3242EncinalAve2006MMDDNo013242EncinalAve2006MMDDNo023242 Encinal Avenue2006ResidentialJP and Amy Frary
2329SantaClaraAve2006MMDDNo012329SantaClaraAve2006MMDDNo02Odd Fellows Building2329 Santa Clara Avenue2006Commercial
2312Alameda Ave2006MMDDNo022312Alameda Ave2006MMDDNo03Masonic Temple2312 Alameda Avenue2006Commercial
1432 Benton Street No 11432 Benton Street No 21432 Benton Street2005ResidentialCharles Kahler and Kristen Harber
1525 Minturn Street No 11525 Minturn Street No 21525 Minturn Street2005ResidentialRamos family
1364 Park Street No 11364 Park Street No 2Post Office Block1364 Park Street2005CommercialJohn Knowles
1336 Park Street No 11336 Park Street2005CommercialJohn Knowles
950 West Mall Square No 1Building 1, Base Administration Building
(now City Hall West)
950 West Mall Square2005Public, Adaptive ReuseCity of Alameda
1650 Park Street1650 Park Street No 2Dietz Motors Company
(now Alameda Marketplace)
1650 Park Street2005CommercialDonna Layburn
USS Hornet Museum No 1USS Hornet Museum707 W Hornet-Avenue Pier 32004PublicAircraft Carrier Hornet Foundation
2624 Eagle Avenue No 12624 Eagle Avenue No 22624-Eagle Avenue2004ResidentialLaura and Joe DiDonato
1533 Santa Clara Avenue No 11533 Santa Clara Avenue No 21533 Santa Clara Avenue
2004ResidentialMichele and George Tercero
1377 Fountain Street No 11377 Fountain Street No 41377 Fountain Street2004ResidentialAnne Marie McLean
2264 Santa Clara Avenue No 1Carnegie Library2264 Santa Clara Avenue2004PublicCity of Alameda
2001 Santa Clara Avenue No 1First Presbyterian Church2001 Santa Clara Avenue2004PublicMembers of the First Presbyterian Church
1308 Regent Street No 11308 Regent Street No 31308 Regent Street2003ResidentialRoy and Carol Clark
2107 San Jose Avenue No 12107 San Jose Avenue No 22107 San Jose Avenue2003ResidentialNicky and Steve
1532-1540 Park Street No 11532-1540 Park Street No 21532-1540 Park Street2003CommercialPowell Family
1513-1519 Webster Street No 11513-1519 Webster Street No 21513-1519 Webster Street2003CommercialRichard Volberg
1309 Regent Street No 11309 Regent St No 21309 Regent Street2003ResidentialLouis and Mary Rocca
1185 Park Avenue No 31185 Park Avenue No 21185 Park Avenue2002ResidentialBetsy and Scott Mathieson
2440 Santa Clara Avenue No 12440 Santa Clara Avenue2002CommercialJim and Bernadette Allen
2121alamedaavenue012121alamedaavenue022121 Alameda Avenue2002ResidentialPat Payne
1537 Webster Street No 11537 Webster Street 2002CommercialMichael O'Connell
2430 Encinal Avenue No 1Jackson Park Bandstand2430 Encinal Avenue2002PublicCity of Alameda
1325 Park Street No 1The Randolph Building1325 Park Street2002CommercialPer Nielsen, Carol Nielsen and Mike Regan
2417central02Historic Post Office2417 Central Avenue2001Public/Commercial
2433central022433 Central Avenue2001Commercial
untitled_image_131812 Encinal Avenue2001Residential
untitled_image_141616 San Jose Avenue2001Residential
untitled_image_151532 Pacific Avenue2001Residential
2067sanjose2067 San Jose Avenue2000Residential
1629parkstreet011629parkstreet02The Fossing Building1629 Park Street2000Commercial
1529mozart1529 Mozart Street2000Residential
1443-45ninthstreet1443-45 Ninth Street2000Residential
1210lincoln1210 Lincoln Avenue2000Commercial
938santaclara02938 Santa Clara Avenue1999Residential
614santaclara02614 Santa Clara Avenue1999Residential
2200central02Kofman Auditorium
Alameda High School
2200 Central Avenue1999Public
2163sanjose022163 San Jose Avenue1999Residential
1336-46parkstreet011336-46parkstreet021336-46 Park Street1999Commercial
1265hawthorne1256 Hawthorne Street1999Residential
2263santaclara02Alameda City Hall2263 Santa Clara Avenue1998Public
1500webster03Tillie's Tempting Foods1500 Webster Street1998Commercial
2320central02Skylight Cafe2320 Central Avenue1998Commercial
1315caroline021315 Caroline Street1998Residential
1014paru021014 Paru Street1998Residential
2250sanantonio022250 San Antonio Avenue1998Residential