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Daily Argus

Preservation Points

When the Alameda Sun was a new newspaper, the editors asked AAPS to write a series of articles on preservation topics. Although some of the information in them may be dated, they still have lots of great information about restoring buildings that is not. Below, the articles by AAPS member Randy Horton, are linked as PDFs for download.

PP column 1 Introduction to AAPS
PP column 2 – Planning a renovation
PP column 3 – Windows: Restoring or Replacing (First in a series)
PP column 4 – Windows: Restoring or Replacing (Second in a series)
PP column 5 – Windows: Restoring or Replacing (Third in a series)
PP column 6Windows, Restoring or Replacing (Fourth in a series)
PP column 7Paint maintenance
PP column 8Masonry repointing
PP column 9Patching plaster walls and ceilings
PP column 10Repairing wood floors
PP column 11Interior painting


Legacy Home Tour History – Curious about our home tours? Watch a one hour video about Alameda Legacy Home Tour history, starting from the first one in 1973, presented by architectural history buff Denise Brady.

Tiki Bar Virtual Tour – May 23, 2021 Online Tour of Brian McDonald’s Tiki Bar, behind his restored vintage house.

Alan Temko Speech

When the Alameda City Hall was seismically retrofitted and renovated in 1997, adequate footings were provided to allow the restoration of the clock tower that was originally on the building. A non-profit organization, ARTT, was formed to raise funds for the tower restoration, and they invited the renowned former architecture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, Allan Temko, to give a speech at a fundraising dinner in 1999. Below is a link to the transcription. It was eventually decided to be infeasible to restore the tower, but the footings are still there.

Allan Temko speech