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Committee Descriptions

PRESERVATION ACTION COMMITTEE Addresses Alameda preservation issues by discussing, researching, and formulating position statements related to projects with architectural preservation implications. SKILL AREAS: Writing, policy analysis, advocacy & community organizing, public speaking.

HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Helps plan and produce our regular events like the AAPS Preservation Awards, AAPS Holiday Party, and the Woody Walk. SKILL AREAS: Event planning, set-up & breakdown, audio-visual expertise, volunteer management.

NEWSLETTER / SOCIAL MEDIA / PUBLIC RELATIONS / WEBSITE Helps AAPS reach the public by creating social media content (Facebook), updating website items, drafting email communications, and writing articles. SKILL AREAS: Social media proficiency, writing/editing, web design, marketing.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Maintains membership data, recruits new members, and manages renewals. SKILL AREAS: Data entry, marketing & outreach, customer service.

PLAQUE COMMITTEE Identifies, researches, and orders plaques for historic structures in Alameda. SKILL AREAS: Research, outreach, customer service.

HOME TOUR COMMITTEE Recruits sites for the tour, recruits and manages docents, produces guidebook content, plans post-tour reception. SKILL AREAS: Writing, outreach, customer service, volunteer management.

PRESERVATION AWARDS COMMITTEE Evaluates nominees, prepares talking points about each winner, produces awards ceremony. SKILL AREAS: Writing, public speaking, audio-visual expertise.

LOGISTICS COMMITTEE Assists in the transport, set-up, and take-down of chairs, tables, and decor at our regular events. SKILL AREAS: Organization, safe lifting, access to truck or van.

PRESERVATION RESOURCES COMMITTEE Helps compile resource lists of manufacturers, vendors, and knowledgeable professionals specialializing in preservation and restoration of architectural elements. SKILL AREAS: Data entry, research, knowledge of building trades.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE Develops activities and projects for young people highlighting the importance of recognizing and preserving Alameda’s historic architecture. SKILL AREAS: Teaching, writing, public speaking.

Committee membership

Preservation resources: Bob Farrar, chair

Newsletter: Conchita Perales, chair

Preservation Action: Christopher Buckley, chair

Hospitality: Karen Lithgow, chair

Web projects subcommittee: Kevis Brownson, chair, Karen Lithgow, Robert Farrar

Preservation Awards: Christopher Buckley, Conchita Perales, Jerri Holan, Steve Aced, Kay Weinstein, Karen Lithgow

Plaque: Kevis Brownson, chair

Home tour: Conchita Perales, chair

To volunteer for any committee, please email your interest to .