Preservation Action Committee

The Preservation Action Committee (PAC) discusses issues important to the architectural preservation of the City of Alameda, via an email list. The PAC list is open to all AAPS members. If you would like more information, please call Chris Buckley at 510-523-0411. We are making an impact within the community. We encourage all members to GET INVOLVED!

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DateSubjectDocument LinkAdditional documentsRecipient
2021-11-15Housing ElementAAPS Comments 11-15-2021Staff ReportCity Council
2021-10-24Housing ElementDraft Housing Element AAPS 10-24-2921 CommentsStaff report, Housing ElementPlanning Board
2021-09-13General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter 9-13-21

AAPS Letter 7-25-21
Planning Board Agenda Item 7APlanning Board
2021-07-052524 Clement AAPS Letter

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Planning and Building
2021-07-05General Plan Revision, Housing ElementHousing element letter


City Council
2021-06-25General Plan RevisionLetter GP Draft EIRGeneral Plan Draft EIR pagePlanning, Building and Transportation Director
2021-06-13General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter2021-06-14 Planning Board Meeting AgendaPlanning Board
2021-06-04General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter




2021-06-14 Planning Board Meeting AgendaPlanning Board
2021-05-17General Plan Revision AAPS Letter

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Link to General Plan site for General Plan draftPlanning Board and Historical Advisory Board
2021-03-04620 Central Avenue AAPS LetterHistorical Advisory Board Agenda 3-4-21Historical Advisory Board
2021-03-04Historic Preservation Ordinance(1)Historic Preservation Ordinance Final (2)2012 Historic Preservation Ordinance Draft (3)Creating a Better Process....
Historical Advisory Board Agenda 3-4-21Historical Advisory Board
2020-11-08General Plan Alameda General Plan Update – Public Forum #3: Protecting the environment,
responding to the climate crisis and meeting regional responsibilities
Planning Board
2020-05-05Article 26Recommendation by the City Council’s Charter Review Subcommittee to consider providing direction to City staff to draft a charter amendment related to Article 26 (commonly known as Measure A)Planning Board
2020-01-10Article 26Evaluation of City Charter Article 26, commonly known as Measure APlanning Board