The Alameda Architectural Preservation Society offers four types of plaques to historic building owners.

Historical Monument Plaques

These plaques are rectangular cast bronze 10” x 12”. They are available for any building listed as a Historical Monument by the City of Alameda. There is room for about 600 characters of description on the plaque.

Link to City Monuments list on City of Alameda’s web site.

Historic Monument Plaque Online Form

Historic Building Plaques

These plaques are oval cast bronze 10” x 8”. The eligibility criteria are:

Buildings, structures, and objects that possess architectural and historic integrity and which meet the following criteria:

  • S or N category on City of Alameda Historical Building Study List OR has been brought back to S or N condition through restoration (AAPS inspection) OR is pre-1870 OR contributes to a Heritage Area; or
  • Building history researched by applicant and verified by AAPS through AAPS historian’s written research, or other qualified resources.

Link to Historical Buildings Study List on City of Alameda’s Web site.

Historic Building Plaque Online Form

Preservation Award Plaques

AAPS began honoring building owners with AAPS Preservation Awards in 1998. In 2012, we began offering further recognition to these award winners with a Preservation Award Plaque. These plaques are cast bronze 8” x 6”. Any Preservation Award winner from the years 1998 through 2011 may now purchase a plaque for the award winning building if it has been maintained to award standards.

Preservation Plaque Online Form

Preservation Award 1998-2011

Interpretive Signs

The owner of a property that is eligible for one of the plaque categories may wish to have an interpretive sign. These signs are made of porcelain-coated steel and are 10” x 12” or 12” x 18” in size. Interpretive signs can have one or more pictures and text. AAPS volunteers will assist with historical information verification and editing of text.

Web brochure:

How to order a plaque:

Please download the printable application for ordering all types of plaques, or, for 1998-2011 Preservation Award Plaques, an online application is available HERE; for Historic Building Plaques, an online application is available HERE; for Historic Monument Plaques, an online application is available HERE.