2061 Buena Vista Avenue

Owner: Susie Murphy

In May 2013, Susie Murphy purchased her dream house at 2061 Buena Vista.  But it needed a bit of work and, for 80 days, it became a labor of love.  She remodeled the bathroom, fixed up the ground floor unit and repaired the exterior.  When Susie finally got to the exterior painting, she decided she needed a pro and hired Bob Buckter to select the colors.  As always, he selected over eight marvelous colors that really bring out the joy in this exuberant Queen Anne.

In order to gild her dream, Susie learned to do the gold leaf herself.  Her dad even pitched in and made new stained glass windows for the front doors.  And, of course, Susie’s boyfriend, Paul Kordestani, helped just a little by doing the actual painting.  He’s the “Better Call Paul! For Painting” that “Tipped the Hat” on this beautiful project.