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2022-07-10Housing Element - AAPS CommentsAAPS LetterStaff PresentationPlanning Board
2022-04-12620 Central AvenueAAPS Board letter in support of National Register nomination
March 17 AAPS Board action to provide a letter to support AAPS member Carmen Reid's application to SHRC.
State Historic Resources Commission
2022-04-18Housing Element - Zoning Changes - AAPS CommentsHousing Element AAPS Comments 4-18-2022City Council
2022-01-23Housing Element - Zoning Changes - AAPS CommentsHousing Element - Zoning - AAPS CommentsPlanning Board
2022-01-18Encinal Terminals ProjectEncinal Terminals Project - AAPS CommentsCity Council
2022-01-09Housing Element - ZoningZoning Amendments - AAPS CommentsPlanning Board
2022-01-03SB9Alameda SB9 Amendments AAPS CommentsSB9 AAPS Comments attachment Page 1

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City Council
2021-12-13Design ReviewAdditional AAPS CommentsPlanning Board
2021-12-12Design ReviewDesign Review AAPS CommentsAttachment 1 Marked Up proposal

Attachment 1 Additional AAPS Comments
Planning Board
2021-12-12SB9SB9 AAPS CommentsPlanning Board
2021-11-15Housing ElementAAPS Comments 11-15-2021Staff ReportCity Council
2021-10-24Housing ElementDraft Housing Element AAPS 10-24-2921 CommentsStaff report, Housing ElementPlanning Board
2021-09-13General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter 9-13-21

AAPS Letter 7-25-21
Planning Board Agenda Item 7APlanning Board
2021-07-052524 Clement AAPS Letter

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Attachment 3
Planning and Building
2021-07-05General Plan Revision, Housing ElementHousing element letter


City Council
2021-06-25General Plan RevisionLetter GP Draft EIRGeneral Plan Draft EIR pagePlanning, Building and Transportation Director
2021-06-13General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter2021-06-14 Planning Board Meeting AgendaPlanning Board
2021-06-04General Plan RevisionAAPS Letter




2021-06-14 Planning Board Meeting AgendaPlanning Board
2021-05-17General Plan Revision AAPS Letter

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Link to General Plan site for General Plan draftPlanning Board and Historical Advisory Board
2021-03-04620 Central Avenue AAPS LetterHistorical Advisory Board Agenda 3-4-21Historical Advisory Board
2021-03-04Historic Preservation Ordinance(1)Historic Preservation Ordinance Final (2)2012 Historic Preservation Ordinance Draft (3)Creating a Better Process....
Historical Advisory Board Agenda 3-4-21Historical Advisory Board
2020-11-08General Plan Alameda General Plan Update – Public Forum #3: Protecting the environment,
responding to the climate crisis and meeting regional responsibilities
Planning Board
2020-05-05Article 26Recommendation by the City Council’s Charter Review Subcommittee to consider providing direction to City staff to draft a charter amendment related to Article 26 (commonly known as Measure A)Planning Board
2020-01-10Article 26Evaluation of City Charter Article 26, commonly known as Measure APlanning Board