Brenden G. Sullivan – President

Brenden is a solo attorney with a litigation practice in landlord/tenant, criminal defense and personal injury cases.  He and his wife moved from San Francisco to Alameda in 2019 to pursue their dream to own and restore a vintage home.  Currently, they are restoring an 1896 Marcuse & Remmel Victorian.

Conchita Perales – 1st Vice President

Conchita has been actively involved in Alameda’s architectural preservation movement since her 1886 Stick style house was selected for the 2010 Legacy Home Tour. She earned a Masters degree in Film in Mexico City and started her own business servicing the local film and video industry in the late 90’s when she moved permanently to the Bay Area. 

Robert Farrar – 2nd Vice President

Robert is a retired police officer of 30 years, a Marcuse and Remmel enthusiast and is working on a data base on all Marcuse and Remmel’s in Alameda.  He enjoys examining these homes to see what is original and what has changed in over 100 years of building.

Patsy Baer – Secretary

Patsy has always loved old houses and buildings and works to preserve the character of this city. She serves on two of Alameda’s non-profit boards.

Karen Lithgow – Advisor to the Board

Karen is a residential realtor with a specialty in vintage homes. Prior to this career she was a Vice President in a finance firm in San Francisco and received an MBA degree from Northwestern.  Karen also received a preservation award for her 1893 Marcuse & Remmel Victorian here in Alameda.

Kay Weinstein – Corresponding Secretary

Kay is a retired preschool teacher and an architectural enthusiast. She has volunteered on the Home Tour, Preservation Awards, and AAPS Plaque committees for 10 years. She also serves on the board of the Alameda branch of American Association of University Women.

Open Position– Treasurer

Dodi Kelleher – Member at Large

Dodi and her husband have been vintage house lovers since the early 1980s, first buying a Victorian bungalow in Oakland then, as their family expanded, moving to their Alameda Victorian in 1986. They joined AAPS soon after to learn more about preservation. Dodi has volunteered for Home Tours and various other member activities, and is an active participant in the Preservation Action Committee. She holds advanced degrees in medical science and mental health, with a long career working with both public agencies and private companies. Although “retired”, she still advises on best practices and innovations in her field.

Erich Stiger – Member at Large

Erich and his wife, Renata, have been active members of AAPS since 1996 when they bought their first Alameda home, a working-class Victorian that was very down on its luck.  In the process of restoring it, they put in a ton of “sweat equity”, learned a lot about proper restoration (with the help of AAPS), and enjoyed staying true to the original architecture and materials both inside and out. (Erich even made sure the proper “period appropriate” screws were used on the hardware).  When not working on their current Victorian home (a never-ending job), Erich works in commercial real estate in a career that has included refurbishing and re-positioning large office, industrial and residential projects across the country.  Erich previously served on the AAPS board from 2011 to 2013, and has continuously been involved in volunteering his time at various AAPS events.