Tip of the Hat

Story by Wendy Markel

Award Recipients: Daniel and Irene Neumansky

Built in approximately 1896 by one of Alameda’s favorite architects, Alfred Washington Pattiani, this beautiful family home was purchased by the current owners three years ago. The house had suffered several years of serious neglect and many aspects of the building were in serious stages of deterioration. The owners have worked on the restoration project without stop for the last three years, and with the exceptional restoration assistance of Michael “Woody” Vermeire, and careful choice of colors, the house now has a wonderful new lease on life.

As Halloween rolled around this past year and the painting job was not quite complete and scaffolding surrounded the house, the owners entered into the spirit of Halloween decorations and had many skeletons climbing all over the scaffolding. The house was awarded a Halloween award to the delight of all concerned.