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Beleaguered Bungalow and Bricks: You Can HelpPAC Alert1998-11 - 4Demolition threatens historic buildings study listPAC
Nominations Invited!Baker, David1998-14Preservation Awards two categoriesPreservation Awards
Preservation Award Nomination FormEditorial1998-15 - 6Preservation Award Nomination FormPreservation Awards
Petition to not demolish 1621 Encinal AvenueEditorial1998-17PACPAC
Petition to not demolish 2411 WebbEditorial1998-18PACPAC
Historic Wallpaper Reproductions - Carter & Company and Mt. Diablo HandprintsEditorial1998-19Membership Meeting at the First Congregational Church 2/1/98Membership
Kidstuff - Kids and Queen VictoriaLynch, Judith1998-110AUSD workshop grades K - 3Events
Trees, pleaseBuckley, Chris1998-111Advertisement for free trees and shrubsClassifieds
Timely Treasures, the Museum's resale shopEditorial1998-111Advertisement for shopping at the Alameda Historical Museum's shopClassifieds
Artistic License Lecture SeriesEditorial1998-112Restoration of Golden Gate Park Conservatory of FlowersEvents
Board of Directors and Committee ChairsEditorial1998-113Board MembersMembership
Welcome New Members!Editorial1998-113Thank you and recognitionMembership
Calendar of EventsEditorial1998-114CalendarMembership
Historic Preservation Awards and Victorian Glory with Paul Duchscherer at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2002-51Preservation AwardsEvents
1185 Park Avenue A Gem Once AgainBoscacci, Gia2002-52 - 31185 Park AvenuePreservation Awards
2440 Santa Clara Avenue Ceiling Was A Hidden TreasureHird, Nancy2002-532440 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Awards
2121 Alameda Avenue Italianate PhoenixBaker, David2002-54 - 52121 Alameda AvenuePreservation Awards
1537 Webster Street Opportunity From AdversityBaker, David2002-551537 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
Jackson Park Bandstand RestorationBuckley, Christopher2002-56Jackson Park BandstandPreservation Awards
1325 Park Street Danish Interiors The Randolph BuildingGraham-Gilliat, Jean2002-571325 Park Street The Randolph Building Preservation Awards
Future 2002 AAPS General Membership MeetingEditorial2002-58Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Comfortable Living in Vintage HousesEditorial2002-58Legacy Home TourEvents
Fourth of July ParadeEditorial2002-59Fourth of July ParadeEvents
Preservation Action Committee Upcoming EventsEditorial2002-59PAC upcoming eventsPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2002-510Membership CouponMembership
Electronic NewsletterEditorial2002-510Newsletter to be downloadable from websiteNewsletter news
AAPS Member ClassifiedEditorial2002-510Classfieds / For SaleClassifieds
AAPS Board Members 2002Editorial2002-511Board MembersMembership
Other Community EventsEditorial2002-511Community EventsEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2002-512AAPS CalendarEvents
The Positive Revival of interest in Victorian Wall and Floor Tiles David MalkinCover page2002-61Victorian Wall and Floor TilesLectures
Demolition of Minturn House on HoldHorton, Randy2002-62Minturn Street burned house proposed for demolitionPreservation Action Committee
Revised Plans for Del Monte Warehouse Look PromisingHorton, Randy2002-62 - 3Del Monte WarehousePreservation Action Committee
Other Community EventsEditorial2002-63Community EventsEvents
2002 AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2002-64Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2002-64Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Board Members 2002Editorial2002-64Board MembersMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Comfortable Living in Vintage HousesEditorial2002-65Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2002-66AAPS CalendarEvents
How to Identify Quality Antique Furniture Lee Jester - owner, The Craftsman Home, Berkeley CACover page2002-81Identify Quality Antique FurnitureLectures
Design Guidelines UpdateBuckley, Chris2002-82 - 3Design Guidelines Preservation Action Committee
Historical Advisory Board Turns Down Proposal to Demolish 1525 Minturn StreetBuckley, Chris2002-83 - 41525 Minturn Sreet demolitionPreservation Action Committee
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Comfortable Living in Vintage HousesEditorial2002-84Legacy Home TourEvents
Fourth of July ParadeEditorial2002-85Fourth of July ParadeEvents
2002 AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2002-86Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2002-86Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Board Members 2002Editorial2002-87Board MembersMembership
Other Community EventsEditorial2002-87Community EventsMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2002-88AAPS CalendarEvents
All About Chimneys Fireplaces From Yesterday For Today Paul Breitkopf, Breitkopf Masonry and Sally McKnight, The Irish SweepEditorial2002-101Chimneys and FireplacesLectures
Victorian at 1423 Morton Street proposed for demolitionBuckley, Chris2002-1021423 Morton Street proposed for demolitionPreservation Action Committee
Minturn Street Demolition Date Has Changed!!Buckley, Chris2002-102Minturn Street burned house proposed for demolitionPreservation Action Alert
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Comfortable Living in Vintage HousesEditorial2002-103Legacy Home TourEvents
Matching MIllwork to Historic BuildingsExcerpt2002-104 - 5Article from Traditional Building and Period HomesArticle
Save the Date!! 2002 Annual Holiday PotluckEditorial2002-106Holiday PartyEvents
AAPS Board Members 2002Editorial2002-106Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2002-106Membership CouponMembership
2002 AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2002-107Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
Other Community EventsEditorial2002-107Community EventsEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2002-108AAPS Calendar Events
Bungalow Bathrooms Jane Powell, Author and Arts and Crafts Restoration ExpertCover page2003-31Bungalow BathroomsLectures
City Council Sets Precedent on Historic Homes up for Demolition in AlamedaBuckley, Chris2003-32Demolition ReviewPreservation Action Committee
City Considers Broader Demolition Protections for Historic PropertiesBuckley, Chris2003-33Demolition ReviewPreservation Action Committee
The Hijacking of "Modern"Excerpt2003-34 - 5Article from Traditional Building and Period HomesArticle
AAPS Board Members 2003Editorial2003-36Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2003-36AAPS Membership CouponMembership
2003 AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2003-37Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
Other Community Events: Alameda Museum Lectures 2003Editorial2003-37Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2003-38AAPS CalendarEvents
Victorian Facade Restoration Skeeter Jones, Clearhart Fine Design and BuildingEditorial2003-51Victorian Facade RestorationLectures
2003 AAPS Historic Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchEditorial2003-52Preservation AwardsEvents
1308 Regent Street From Shingles to Aluminum to ShinglesBuckley, Chris2003-521308 Regent StreetPreservation Awards
2107 San Jose Avenue Colonial Revival RevivedDileo, Ross2003-532107 San Jose AvenuePreservation Awards
1513-1519 Webster Street Bringing Back Old AlamedaBaker, David2003-541513-1519 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
1309 Regent Street Mount Rushmore in AlamedaHird, Nancy2003-551309 Regent StreetPreservation Awards
1532-1540 Park Street The Powell Building - A Transom Transformation on Park StreetGraham, Jean2003-561532-1540 Park StreetPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2003Editorial2003-56Board MembersMembership
City Council Expands Demolition Review to Pre-1942 BuildingsBuckley, Chris2003-57Demolition ReviewPreservation Action Committee
Rehab Plans Submitted for Fire Damaged House at 1525 Minturn StreetBuckley, Chris2003-571525 Minturn StreetPreservation Action Committee
Pending Sale of 1423 Morton StreetBuckley, Chris2003-571423 Morton StreetPreservation Action Committee
Fourth of July ParadeEditorial2003-57Fourth of July ParadeEvents
2003 AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2003-58Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
Other Community Events: Alameda Museum Lectures 2003Editorial2003-58Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2003-59Membership CouponMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Victoria’s Heritage in the Gold CoastEditorial2003-59Legacy Home TourEvents
Free Trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2003-59Free trees and shrubsClassifieds
AAPS CalendarEditorial2003-510AAPS CalendarEvents
Woody Walk in the Gold CoastCover page2003-81Woody WalkEvents
Planning Board Consideration of New Residential Design Review ManualEditorial2003-81 - 3Residential Design Review ManualPreservation Action Alert
1423 Morton Street UpdateEditorial2003-831423 Morton Street UpdatePreservation Action Committee
Community Happenings Centennial Celebration at First Presbyterian Church of AlamedaHird, Nancy2003-83Centennial CelebrationEvents
AAPS Board Members 2003Editorial2003-84Board MembersMembership
AAPS Meeting ScheduleEditorial2003-84Meeting ScheduleMembership
Preservation Community CalendarEditorial2003-84AAPS CalendarEvents
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Victoria’s Heritage in the Gold CoastEditorial2003-85Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2003-85Membership CouponMembership
Fourth of July ParadeEditorial2003-85Fourth of July ParadeEvents
Thank you Bank of America for your SupportAdvertising2003-85Bank of America advertisementAdvertisement
AAPS CalendarEditorial2003-86AAPS CalendarEvents
The Hidden Treasure Jett Thorson, Decorative PainterCover page2003-101Decorative PaintingLectures
Design Review Manual UpdateBuckley, Christopher2003-102 - 3Design Review Manual UpdatePreservation Action Committee
Save the Date!! 2002 Annual Holiday Potluck 2002 Annual Holiday PotluckEditorial2003-103Holiday PartyMembership
Preservation community calendarEditorial2003-103Calendar of EventsEvents
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Christopher2003-103Free trees and shrubsClassifieds
Help NeededEditorial2003-103Help needed for webpage and NewsletterHelp Wanted
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Thank youEditorial2003-104Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2003-105Membership CouponMembership
2004 Board NominationsEditorial2003-105Calling for Board NominationsMembership
AAPS Board Members 2003Editorial2003-105Board MembersMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2003-106AAPS CalendarEvents
The Home Beautiful: Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement Presenter: Dianne AyresCover page2004-11Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Lectures
General Membership Meeting "Blue Vinyl, a Toxic Comedy"Mitchel, Elvis2004-31Documentary"Blue Vinyl, a Toxic Comedy"Events
Message from the PresidentSpatz, Janelle2004-32President's LetterMembership
Revised Draft Residential Design Review ManualEditorial2004-33Residential Design Review ManualPreservation Action Committee
Possible Demolition of a Potential Alameda LandmarkEditorial2004-34 - 52320 Lincoln AvePreservation Action Committee
River Rock Saved on Craftsman BungalowEditorial2004-351529 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Action Committee
The USS Hornet Wins 2003 Design AwardEditorial2004-36USS Hornet MuseumPreservation Action Committee
29th annual California Preservation ConferenceAdvertising2004-36California Preservation ConferenceEvents
AAPS Board Members 2004Editorial2004-36Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2004-37Membership CouponMembership
AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2004-37General Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2004-38AAPS CalendarEvents
2004 Preservation Awards at the USS Hornet MuseumCover page2004-51Preservation AwardsEvents
USS Hornet MuseumDileo, Ross2004-51 - 2USS Hornet MuseumPreservation Awards
2624 Eagle AvenueBrady, Denise2004-52 - 32624 Eagle AvenuePreservation Awards
1533 Santa Clara AvenueBrady, Denise2004-53 - 41533 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Awards
1377 Fountain StreetBrady, Denise2004-541377 Fountain StreetPreservation Awards
Carnegie RetrofitBuckley, Christopher2004-55Carnegie MuseumPreservation Awards
First Presbyterian ChurchHird, Nancy2004-56 - 7First Presbyterian ChurchPreservation Awards
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2004-57Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Board Members 2004Editorial2004-57Board MembersMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2004-58AAPS CalendarEvents
“Color My World” John Dilks, 19th Century Architecture and Furniture SpecialistEditorial2004-111Color My World, John Dilks, Architecture & Furniture SpecialistLectures
A Tale of Two HousesEvans, Birgitt2004-112 - 31104 Oak StreetPreservation Action Committee
Victoria in Excelsis, AgainExcerpt2004-114Excerpt from Traditional Building and Period HomesHistory
The East Bay Then and New” based on a new book of photographs compiled by Eric KosEditorial2004-115The East Bay Then and NewLectures
Save the Date! 2004 Annual Holiday PartyEditorial2004-115AAPS Holiday PartyEvents
2005 Board ElectionEditorial2004-115Board MembersMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour: The Classic Craftsman TourEditorial2004-116Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2004-117Membership CouponMembership
AAPS General Membership Meeting ScheduleEditorial2004-117Membership Meeting ScheduleMembership
AAPS Board Members 2004Editorial2004-117Board MembersMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2004-118AAPS CalendarEvents
Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation Presenter: Joan Di Stefano RuizEditorial2005-11Stained Glass Restoration and Conservation Lectures
AAPS Board Members 2005Editorial2005-11Board MembersMembership
From the PresidentBrady, Denise2005-12President's LetterMembership
Whither Alameda’s Historic Naval Air Station?Krase, Beth2005-12 - 3Naval Air StationPreservation Action Committee
Alameda Museum LectureEditorial2005-13Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2005-13AAPS CalendarEvents
Julia Morgan: California’s California’s Pre-eminent Woman ArchitectLynch, Judith2005-21Julia MorganLectures
The Saga Continues - 1104 Oak Street and BeyondEvans, Birgitt2005-221104 Oak StreetPreservation Action Committee
Alameda Point public workshopKrase, Beth2005-22 - 3Alameda PointPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Board Members 2005Editorial2005-22Board MembersMembership
Alameda Museum LecturesEditorial2005-23Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS CalendarEditorial2005-23AAPS CalendarEvents
2005 Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2005-512005 Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
Loving Stewards Help House Heal Itself 1432 Benton StreetHird, Nancy2005-511432 Benton StreetPreservation Awards
Alameda’s Phoenix House 1525 Minturn StreetBuckley, Chris; Ramos, Josie2005-51 - 21525 Minturn StreetPreservation Awards
“People Places” 1336 and 1364 Park StreetBrady, Denise2005-52 - 31336 and 1364 Park StreetPreservation Awards
City Hall West Alameda PointRutter, Dick2005-53 - 4City Hall West Alameda PointPreservation Awards
Alameda Marketplace Alameda’s ‘Adaptive Reuse’ Splendor! 1650 Park StreetGraham, Jean2005-541650 Park StreetPreservation Awards
The Story of 1104 OakMcNally, Rosemary2005-54 - 51104 Oak StreetPreservation Action Committee
Update: Alameda Naval Air Station’s Redevelopment PlansKrase, Beth2005-55Alameda Naval Air StationPreservation Action Committee
City Considers Designs for Alameda Theater Addition and Parking GarageBuckley, Chris2005-55 - 7Alameda Theater Preservfation Alert
AAPS Board Members 2005Editorial2005-57Board MembersMembership
New MembersEditorial2005-57New MembersMembership
DonationsEditorial2005-57Thank you to donorsMembership
AAPS CalendarEditorial2005-57AAPS CalendarEvents
Beyond the Bungalow: Grand Homes in the Arts & Crafts TraditionDuchscherer, Paul2006-31Bungalows, Arts & CraftsLectures
From the PresidentBrady, Denise2006-32President's LetterMembership
Naval Air Station UpdateKrase, Elizabeth2006-32 - 3Preservation Action Committee ReportPlanning/Building
AAPS Board Members 2006Editorial2006-32Board MembersMembership
Illegal Demolition at 500 Central AvenueBuckley, Chris2006-33Illegal Demolition at 500 Central AvenuePreservation
Alameda Museum Lectures 2006Editorial2006-35Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
Kids and Queen Victoria Presented by The Alameda Education FoundationEditorial2006-35Kids & Queen VictoriaEvents
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2006-35Free trees and shrubsClassifieds
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2006-35PAC seeks volunteersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2006-36AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2006Editorial2006-36AAPS CalendarEvents
2006 Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2006-512006 Preservation AwardsEvents
Woody Minor on the History of Measure ‘A’Cover page2006-51Woody Minor on the History of Measure ‘A’Lectures
What is Measure A?Editorial2006-51What is Measure A?History
Alameda Masonic Temple Face Lift for 80 Year Old LadyHird, Nancy2006-52Alameda Masonic TemplePreservation Awards
Odd Fellows Building StorefrontsRutter, Richard2006-52 - 3Odd Fellows Building StorefrontsPreservation Awards
The Neptune Palace Hotel, a Webster Street LandmarkCase, Steve2006-53 - 4The Neptune Palace HotelPreservation Awards
910 Santa Clara Avenue "The House Picked me"Spatz, Janelle2006-54910 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Awards
3242 Encinal Avenue Remarkable Recycled HouseBrady, Denise2006-553242 Encinal AvenuePreservation Awards
City Finally Adopts New Residential Design Review ManualBuckley, Chris2006-55 - 7Residential Design Review ManualPlanning/Development
AAPS welcomes the following new membersEditorial2006-57Welcome new membersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2006Editorial2006-57Board MembersMembership
Donations AAPS warmly thanks our contributorsEditorial2006-57Thank you to donorsMembership
Studio Trousseau Textile Restoration and Preservation ConsultingEditorial2006-57Textile Preservation consultingPreservation
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2006-58AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2006Editorial2006-58AAPS Calendar Events
Q & A with the Candidates for Alameda Mayor & City CouncilEvans, Birgitt2006-81Q&A with candidatesElection/Politics
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Recycling HistoryLynch, Judith2006-81Legacy Home TourEvents
Illegal Partial Demolition at 1343 Fernside BoulevardBuckley, Chris2006-82Illegal Partial Demolition at 1343 Fernside BoulevardPreservation Action
NAS UpdateKrase, Elizabeth2006-82 - 3NAS updatePlanning/Development
Alameda Museum Lectures on Local HistoryEditorial2006-83Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
Donations AAPS warmly thanks our contributorsEditorial2006-83Thank you to donorsMembership
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2006-83PAC seeks volunteersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2006Editorial2006-83Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2006Editorial2006-84AAPS CalendarEvents
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2006-84AAPS Membership CouponMembership
Fire Prevention and Historic Preservation: Alameda Fire Department Preventive ServicesBrady, Denise2007-11Fire Prevention and Historic PreservationLectures
A ‘Retro’spective . . .Brady, Denise2007-12Ex-president's LetterMembership
Our Indispensable Volunteers - AAPS Needs You!Evans, Birgitt2007-12Call for VolunteersMembership
City Council Strongly Supports the “Golden Mean” for Lifting High Basement HousesBuckley, Chris2007-13 - 5Golden Mean for lifting high basement housesPlanning/Development
Alameda Museum Lectures for 2007Editorial2007-15Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2007-15PAC seeks volunteersMembership
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2007-15Free trees and shrubsClassifieds
AAPS Board Members 2006Editorial2007-15Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2007-16AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2007Editorial2007-16AAPS CalendarEvents
Bungalow Details: Interior and How to Rehab Your House Right Presented by Jane PowellEditorial2007-41 - 2Bungalow Details: Interior and How to Rehab Your HouseLectures
Alameda Naval Air Station UpdateKrase, Beth 2007-42 - 4Alameda Naval Air StationPlanning/Development
Historic Preservation "Season" Declared in AlamedaLynch, Judith2007-45Historic Preservation "Season" Events
AAPS Board Members 2007Editorial2007-45Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2007-46AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2007Editorial2007-46AAPS CalendarEvents
Tenth Anniversary Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2007-61Preservation AwardsEvents
2323 Buena Vista AvenueTurpen, Valerie2007-61 - 22323 Buena Vista AvenuePreservation Awards
First Presbyterian Church of Alameda Phase Two Renovation ProjectHird, Nancy2007-62 - 3First Presbyterian ChurchPreservation Awards
1011 Grand Street Severe Fire Damage—A True Treasure RestoredGraham, Jean2007-64 - 51011 Grand StreetPreservation Awards
2516 Encinal Avenue A Family ProjectBrady, Denise2007-662516 Encinal AvenuePreservation Awards
Paul’s Newsstand–New Life for an Alameda IconBuckley, Chris2007-67Paul’s NewsstandPreservation Awards
Alameda Point Hangar 21–Adaptive Reuse Project: (St. George Spirits, Tenant)Rutter, Dick2007-68Hangar 21, St. Georges SpiritPreservation Awards
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2007-69PAC seeks volunteersMembership
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2007-69Free trees and shrubsMembership
Alameda Museum Lectures 2007Editorial2007-69Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
Studio Trousseau Textile Restoration and Preservation ConsultingEditorial2007-69Textile Preservation consultingPreservation
AAPS Board Members 2007Editorial2007-69Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2007-610AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2007Editorial2007-610AAPS CalendarEvents
Woody Walks the West End Woody Minor, Local Architectural HistorianEvans, Birgitt2007-81Woody Minor Walks the West EndEvents
Historic Preservation Season in AlamedaEvans, Birgitt2007-81Historic Preservation Season in AlamedaEvents
Historic Pendant Style Streetlights Being ReplacedEditorial2007-82Pendant Style StreetlightsPreservation
Historic Preservation Work ProgramBuckley, Chris2007-82Historic Preservation Work ProgramEvents
Do I Need a Building Permit?Editorial2007-83Building PermitsPlanning/Building
2007 Member DonationsEditorial2007-83Member DonationsMembership
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2007-83PAC seeks volunteersMembership
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2007-83Free trees and shrubsMembership
Alameda Museum Lectures 2007Editorial2007-83Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS Board Members 2007Editorial2007-83Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2007-84AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2007Editorial2007-84AAPS CalendarEvents
Historic Wood Finishes 19th & Early 20th Century Wood Finishes by John DilksEditorial2007-101 - 2Historic Wood Finishes 19th & Early 20th CenturyLectures
The Continuing Saga of Development at Alameda PointKrase, Beth2007-102 - 3Alameda Point development plansPreservation
Call for Nominations 2008 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2007-103Call for Board NominationsMembership
Studio Trousseau Textile Restoration and Preservation ConsultingEditorial2007-103Textile Preservation consultingPreservation
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2007-103PAC seeks volunteersMembership
FREE trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2007-103Free trees and shrubsMembership
AAPS Board Members 2007Editorial2007-103Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2007-104AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2007Editorial2007-104AAPS CalendarEvents
Creative Solutions to Preservation Problems Presented by Christopher L. YerkeCover page2008-11Solutions to Preservation ProblemsLectures
Landmarks, Lead, Fire, Flood, and FungusBuckley, Chris2008-11Solutions to Preservation ProblemsPreservation
Preservation Alert! It's zero hour for Alameda Naval Air Station Historic District!Krase, Beth2008-12 - 3Naval Air Station Preservation AlertPreservation
Join the Effort to Help Slow Global WarmingBuckley, Chris2008-13Global WarmingEnvironment
Review a Book, Make Some Bucks!Bennett, Rachel2008-13 - 4Review BooksJobs
Historic Preservation Season in AlamedaEditorial2008-14Historic Preservation SeasonEvents
AAPS to Start Electronic NewsletterHird, Nancy2008-15Electronic NewslettersMembership
Alameda Museum Lectures 2008Editorial2008-15Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2008-15PAC seeks volunteersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2008Editorial2008-15Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2008-16AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2008Editorial2008-16AAPS CalendarEvents
Alameda by Rail –Take the Red Train Presented by Grant UteCover page2008-41Alameda Rail and TrainsLectures
Alameda By RailLynch, Judith2008-41 - 2Alameda Rail and TrainsHistory
City Begins a Strategic Plan for Auto RowEditorial2008-42 - 4Auto Row and Strategic City Development plansPlanning/Development
Historic Preservation Season in AlamedaEditorial2008-44Historic Preservation SeasonEvents
Electronic NewslettersHird, Nancy2008-45Electronic NewslettersMembership
AAPS ContributorsEditorial2008-45AAPS ContributorsMembership
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2008-45PAC seeks volunteersMembership
Alameda Museum Lectures 2008Editorial2008-45Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS Board Members 2008Editorial2008-45Board MembersMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2008-46AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2008Editorial2008-46AAPS CalendarEvents
Eleventh Annual Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2008-51Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
Tale of Two HousesBrady, Denise2008-51 - 3 1206 Union Street and 1202 Union StreetPreservation Awards
1414 LafayetteSpatz, Janelle2008-53 - 41414 Lafayette StreetPreservation Awards
Golden Bridge Beverage SignHird, Nancy2008-55Sign at 1431 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
Encinal Place at 2300-2306 Encinal Avenue: A Critical Corner TransformedBuckley, Chris2008-55 - 62300-2306 Encinal AvenuePreservation Awards
Alameda Point, Building 400 - Adaptive Reuse Project (Bay Ship & Yacht, Tenant)Rutter, Dick2008-57Alameda Point, Building 400Preservation Awards
What Moves, Grooves! A Software Company Fuels its Enterprise and the Neighborhood with Good EatsGraham E., Jeannie2008-58 - 92300 Blanding Avenue Little House CafePreservation Awards
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2008-59PAC seeks volunteersMembership
Alameda Museum Lectures 2008Editorial2008-59Museum Calendar of EventsEvents
AAPS Board Members 2008Editorial2008-59Board MembersMembership
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2008-59Free trees and shrubsMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2008-510AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2008Editorial2008-510AAPS CalendarEvents
Alameda's Annual "Woody Walk" Marcuse & Remmel at Bay StationCover page2008-81Woody Walk: Marcuse & Remmel at Bay StationEvents
So Long, Old FoundryMinor, Woody2008-81 - 2Van Niel Foundry 2319 Clement Ave.Preservation
Annual Woody Walk Strolling the NorthsideEditorial2008-83Marcuse & Remmel at Bay StationHistory
Alameda Legacy Home Tour is ScheduledEditorial2008-84Legacy Home TourHome Tour
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2008-85PAC seeks volunteersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2008Editorial2008-85Board MembersMembership
Free trees and shrubsBuckley, Chris2008-85Free trees and shrubsMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2008-86AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2008Editorial2008-86AAPS CalendarEvents
Window Restoration Presented by Buzz Leer and Jeff Bent of Wooden WindowCover page2008-101Window RestorationLectures
Window RestorationLeer, Buzz; Bent, Jeff2008-101 - 2Window RestorationRestoration
SunCal’s Alameda Point Redevelopment Plan Proposes to Amend Measure AKrase, Elizabeth2008-102 - 3Alameda Point development plansPlanning/Development
Call for Nominations 2009 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2008-103Call for Board NominationsMembership
AAPS IT Volunteer Needed!Editorial2008-103IT Volunteer neededMembership
AAPS Membership CouponEditorial2008-104AAPS Membership CouponMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2008Editorial2008-104AAPS CalendarEvents
Restoring Deteriorated Wood Presented by Smith & Co.Cover page2009-21Restoring Deteriorated WoodLectures
Steve Smith saw a Market in Restoring Deteriorated WoodEditorial2009-21 - 2Restoring Deteriorated WoodRestoration
City’s Auto Row Plans Move ForwardEditorial2009-22 - 3Auto Row and Strategic City Development plansPlanning/Development
Free house to a good home: City considers removal of 2413 Buena Vista Ave from Historic Building Study ListEditorial2009-242413 Buena Vista AvenuePreservation
Second Unit Ordinance: Worth a Second LookEditorial2009-24Second Unit OrdinancePlanning/Development
Holiday Party Thank You!Editorial2009-25Holiday PartyMembership
Contest: What’s Missing? Name the NewsletterEditorial2009-25Contest to name the AAPS NewsletterMembership
Nancy Hird AAPS President Letter to MembersEditorial2009-25Letter to MembersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2009Editorial2009-26Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2009Editorial2009-26AAPS CalendarEvents
Marcuse & Remmel: A New Approach Presenter: Woody MinorCover page2009-41Marcuse & RemmelLectures
Visiting Old Territory with a New SlantMinor, Woody2009-41 - 2Marcuse & RemmelHistory
Historic Preservation “Season” DeclaredLynch, Judith2009-43Historic Preservation SeasonEvents
Alameda Historic Preservation Events 2009Lynch, Judith2009-43Calendar of Events Events
City Council Approves “Deconstruction” of Victorian House at 2314 Buena VistaEditorial2009-44 - 52314 Buena Vista AvenuePreservation
Reinvented Houses Preserve and Attract Little House CafeEditorial2009-45Little House CafePreservation
We Have a Winner! New Name and Look for the AAPS NewsletterEditorial2009-45New name determined for the Newsletter Membership
Nancy Hird AAPS President Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2009-45Letter to MembersMembership
AAPS Board Members 2009Editorial2009-45Board MembersMembership
Free Trees and ShrubsBuckley, Chris2009-46Free trees and shrubsMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2009Editorial2009-46AAPS CalendarEvents
NEW DESIGN / DESIGNER for NewsletterEditorial2009-4Newsletter new look - new designer Valerie TurpenNewsletter
Twelfth Annual Preservation Awards at First Presbyterian ChurchCover page2009-61Twelfth Annual Preservation AwardsEvents
1530-1532 9th StreetRutter W., Richard2009-61 - 21530-1532 9th StreetPreservation Awards
Industrial Space Transformed – 2513 Blanding AvenueBennett, Rachel2009-632513 Blanding AvenuePreservation Awards
Maybee Building – 2531 Clement AvenueBuestad Construction2009-64 -5 2531 Clement AvenuePreservation Awards
2310 Clement – A Legacy in ProgressHird, Nancy2009-652310 Clemenr AvenuePreservation Awards
The Alameda Theater 2317 Central AvenueGraham, Jeannie2009-66 - 72317 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Auctions by the Bay Theater 2700 Saratoga StreetGraham, Jeannie2009-682700 Saratoga StreetPreservation Awards
2111 Lincoln AvenueBrownson, Kevis2009-692111 Lincoln AvenuePreservation Awards
AAPS Board MembersEditorial2009-69Board MembersMembership
Woody Walk: Architecture of Central AlamedaCover page2009-81Woody WalkEvents
A Stroll Through the Heart of the IslandMinor, Woody2009-81 - 2Central Alameda History
AAPS Board Members 2009Editorial2009-82Board MembersMembership
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2010 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2009-83President's LetterMembership
Calling All Docents!Editorial2009-83Legacy Home Tour seeks docentsHome Tour
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2009-83Membership FormMembership
Price Comparisons for Replacement WindowsEditorial2009-84Window costsRestoration
“Places That Matter” Annual Photo Contest NAS buildingsHird, Nancy2009-85Naval Air Station buildings Photo ContestEvents
Mark Your Calendars for the Alameda Legacy Home TourEditorial2009-85Home TourEvents
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2009-86Free trees and shrubsGiveaways
AAPS Schedule of Events for 2009Editorial2009-86AAPS CalendarCalendar
History of the Naval Air Station Alameda Presenter: Dick RutterCover page2009-101History of the Naval Air StationLectures
So Why Was NAS Alameda Here?Brownson, Kevis2009-101 - 2History of the Naval Air StationHistory
AAPS Board Members 2009Editorial2009-102Board MembersMembership
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2010 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2009-103President's letterMembership
Perforce Tribute to the Van Niel FoundryEditorial2009-103Perforce Tribute to the Van Niel FoundryTribute
Missing ItemsEditorial2009-103Missing AAPS banner and sawhorse signsMembership
Design Review Under ReviewEditorial2009-104 - 5Design ReviewPlanning
Get in the Holiday Spirit!Editorial2009-105Holiday Party seeks volunteersMembership
Architectural Gems Display Banquet for Architecture BuffsEditorial2009-105Alameda Museum exhibitsEvents
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2009-105Seeking PAC volunteersMembership
Faces and Places: The art of local artist Damon RodriguesEditorial2009-106Alameda Museum exhibitsEvents
The Architecture of Timothy Pflueger Presenter: Therese PolettiCover page2010-11Architecture of Timothy Pflueger: The Alameda TheatreLectures
Timothy Pflueger and his Art Deco Palace in AlamedaTurpen, Valerie2010-11 - 2Architecture of Timothy Pflueger: The Alameda TheatreHistory
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2010 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2010-13President's LetterMembership
Holiday Party was a Festive Event for AllEditorial2010-13Holiday PartyEvents
What’s New in 2010Hird, Nancy2010-14Website, New venue for meetings, call for volunteersMembership
A Good Reason to Walk in AlamedaEditorial2010-14Seeking volunteers to post postersMembership
Welcome New Board Member Patsy BaerEditorial2010-14Board MembersMembership
City Council Approves Density Bonus OrdinanceBuckley, Chris2010-15Density Bonus OrdinancePlanning/Government
Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2010-15PAC seeks volunteersMembership
AAPS Position Statement Regarding the “Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative”Editorial2010-17 - 8Opposition to the Alameda Point Revitalization InitiativePlanning.Government
Back to Basics–What’s a Stick? Presenter: Paul RobertsCover page2010-31Recognizing Alameda's ArchitectureLectures
Historic Photos and Paintings Depict the Style of AlamedaHird, Nancy2010-31 - 2Alameda residential architectural historyHistory
Nominations are Requested for the Thirteenth Annual Preservation AwardsEditorial2010-32Seeking nominations for Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
AAPS Contributes to Defeat of Measure BEditorial2010-33AAPS Contributes to Defeat of Measure BMeasure B
Our Web site is Looking GoodEditorial2010-33Website is updatedWebsite
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2010-33Free trees and shrubsTrees & Shrubs
Life After Measure BdeHaan, Doug2010-34Measure BMeasure B
Needed: Poster Posters contact Brian McDonaldEditorial2010-35Seeking volunteers to post postersAdvertising
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2010 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2010-35Presiden'ts letterMembership
AAPS Board MembersEditorial2010-35Board MembersMembership
1998: Important BeginningsEditorial2010-36Kids & Queen VictoriaEvents
Celebrate Historic Preservation Season 2010 in AlamedaEditorial2010-36Calendar of events Events
Déjà vu, or History Repeats ItselfDilleo, Robbie2010-37Plaque and bench commemorate First Transcontinental RailroadPlaques
Winners of the Thirteenth Annual Preservation Awards at Auctions by the Bay TheaterCover page2010-51Winners of the Thirteenth Annual Preservation AwardsEvents
New Chapter for an Old Building 1536 Webster StreetHolan, Jerri2010-51 - 21536 Webster Street (Wescafe)Preservation Awards
We Could Take This On 1044 -1044 ½ Central AvenueMcNally, Rosemary2010-531044 - 1044 ½ Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Subtle Yet Significant Changes 2317 Santa Clara AvenueLynch, Judith2010-542317 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Awards
If At First You Don’t Succeed 1524 Bay StreetMathieson, Betsy2010-551524 Bay StreetPreservation Awards
Broadway Star 1356 BroadwayBrady, Denise2010-561356 BroadwayPreservation Awards
Adaptive Reuse Makes Room for Three Building 024 – Alameda Point Aircraft Painting FacilityRutter, Dick2010-57 - 8 Building 024 – Alameda Point Aircraft Painting FacilityPreservation Awards
The Preservation Awards Ceremony Honors the Winners in a Grand StyleEditorial2010-58 - 9Ceremony Honors Preservation Award winnersPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2010Editorial2010-510Board MembersMembership
Naval Air Station Alameda–Then and Now: Tour by Dick RutterCover page2010-81Naval Air Station AlamedaEvents
What Do You Know?Turpen, Valerie2010-81 - 3Naval Air Station AlamedaHistory/Events
AAPS Board Members 2010Editorial2010-83Board MembersMembership
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2010 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2010-83President's LetterMembership
We're on FacebookEditorial2010-83Facebook presenceMembership
Is the Battle Lost When a Historic Resource is Slated for Demolition?Sidwell, Karen2010-84Demolition of Historic ResourcesRestoration
Join the Plaque Committee: Historic PropertyEditorial2010-84Plaque Commitee seeks volunteersPlaques
Derelict Houses Around AlamedaEditorial2010-84Derelict Houses Around AlamedaPreservation
Let’s Tell the World about our Favorite Place—AlamedaHird, Nancy2010-85This Place Matters Community Challenge”Events
Mark Your Calendars for the Home TourEditorial2010-85Legacy Home TourEvents
Calling All Docents!Editorial2010-85Legacy Home Tour seeks docentsEvents
Revised Historic Preservation Ordinance is Making ProgressBuckley, Chris2010-86 - 7Historic Preservation OrdinancePreservation/Planning
Alameda Point’s Past and FutureGreene Krase, Elizabeth2010-87Alameda Point development plans
Green Restoration, Rehab & Reuse: Angela Klein, ArchitectCover page2010-101Green Restoration, Rehab & ReuseLectures
Energy Efficiency Programs for Retrofit & Remodeling Projects: Meredith Owens, Energy Management Supervisor, AMPCover page2010-101Energy Efficiency Programs for Retrofit & Remodeling ProjectsLectures
Green Design— An Environmental ResponsiblityBrownson, Kevis2010-101 - 2Green Design— An Environmental ResponsiblityDesign
Moving Forward at Alameda PointHird, Nancy2010-103Alameda Point development plansDevelopment
AAPS Board Memberts 2010Editorial2010-103Board MembersMembership
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2011 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2010-103Presiden'ts letterMembership
Civic Center Vision Plan Under ReviewBuckley, Chris2010-104 - 5Civic Center Vision Plan Under ReviewPlanning
Haunt Your House and Help the Food BankCary, Patti; Neumanski, Daniel2010-105Halloween and the Food BankEvents
On the Trail of VictoriaLynch, Judith2010-106Queen VictoriaHistory
Join the PartyEditorial2010-106Seeking volunteers for Holiday Party Events
Tillie’s Goes FrenchLynch, Judith2010-107Diner at 1500 Webster StreetPreservation
How to Stencil with Lisa Klofkorn of Fly on the Wall DesignCover page2011-11How to StencilLectures
Learning the Decorative Art of StencilingBrownson, Kevis2011-11 - 2StencilingPreservation
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2011 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2011-13President's letterMembership
AAPS Highlights of 2010Hird, Nancy2011-142010 HighlightsMembership
Join a Committee and Make Things HappenEditorial2011-15Join a CommitteeMembership
A special thanks to those who generously donated to AAPS in 2010Editorial2011-15Donations 2010Membership
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2011-16Free trees and shrubsGiveaways
Easements: An Alternative Preservation Tool: Anthony Veerkamp Dir of Programs, Western Office, Ntl. Trust for Historic PreservationCover page2011-31Easements as a preservation toolLectures
Peace of Mind for Historic Property OwnersEditorial2011-31 - 2Easements as a preservation toolPreservation
AAPS Board 2011Editorial2011-32Board MembersMembership
Alameda Historical Monument #3 Alameda High School 22200 Central AvenueExcerpt 2011-33Alameda High School 2200 Central AvenueMonuments
Historic Elements in AlamedaEditorial2011-33Alameda High School 2200 Central AvenueMonuments
Paul’s Newsstand has a Few Stories to TellEditorial2011-34 - 5Paul's Newstand History
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2011 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2011-35President's letterMembership
Preservation Alert: Zoning Changes for North Park Street NeighborhoodsEditorial2011-36Zoning Changes for North Park Street NeighborhoodsPreservation
Webster Street Vision Plan Under ReviewBuckley, Chris2011-37Webster Street Vision Plan Under ReviewPlanning
Winners of the Fourteenth Annual Preservation Awards at Auctions by the Bay TheaterCover page2011-61Preservation AwardsEvents
The Patient Preservationist 1837 Clinton AvenueMathieson, Betsy2011-61 - 21837 Clinton AvenuePreservation Awards
Stewarding an Alameda Landmark Historic Alameda High School Window Rehabilitation ProjectStiles, Elaine2011-63Alameda High School window rehabilitationPreservation Awards
The Hally Building 2313 Santa Clara AvenueHolan, Jerri2011-64 - 52313 Santa Clara AvenuePreservation Awards
Stewardship Tip-of-the-HatEditorial2011-651223 High Street; 1547 Everett Street; Flight Control Tower, Naval Air Station AlamedaPreservation Awards
West End EnhancementLynch, Judith2011-66 - 71606-08 and 1610-14 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
The Youth Contests Committee Needs You!Editorial2011-67Volunteers for program for school age AlamedansEducation
Blight Made Right 323 Lincoln AvenueHoy, Daniel2011-68323 Lincoln AvenuePreservation Awards
A Grand Ceremony Honors the WinnersEditorial2011-69Ceremony Honors Preservation Award winnersPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2011Editorial2011-610Board MembersMembership
Ornamental Plaster Presenter: Lorna KollmeyerCover page2011-101Ornamental PlasterLectures
A Resource for Traditional Ornamental PlasterworkLynch, Judith2011-101 - 2Ornamental PlasterRestoration
Gold Coast Walkabout With Paul Roberts & Judith LynchLynch, Judith2011-102Gold Coast Walkabout With Paul Roberts & Judith LynchEvents
A.W. Pattiani, a Prominent Architect in AlamedaRoberts, Paul2011-103A.W. Pattiani, ArchitectHistory
AAPS Board Members 2011Editorial2011-103Board MembersMembership
Alameda HIstorical Monument #9 Croll Building 1400 Webster StreetExcerpt 2011-104Croll Building 1400 Webster StreetMonuments
AAPS Youth ContestsStiger, Erich2011-105AAPS Youth ContestsEvents
Nancy Hird AAPS President 2011 Letter to MembersHird, Nancy2011-105President's letterMembership
Wanted: Blog EditorEditorial2011-106Blog Editor wantedMembership
Ask the Building Official Presenter: Greg McFann City of Alameda Community Development Dept.Cover page2012-11Greg McFann City Official, Community Development DepartmentLectures
Navigating the Ins and Outs of Building PermitsTeague, Alan H2012-11 - 2Building PermitsBuilding and Planning
A Thought About Preservation Award NominationsEditorial2012-12Preservation Award NominationsPreservation Awards
Nancy Hird AAPS Outgoing President Letter to MembersHIrd, Nancy2012-13Presiden'ts letterMembership
Kids Preserving Alameda HeritageLynch, Judith2012-14Kids Preserving Alameda HeritagePreservation
AAPS Holiday FestivitiesEditorial2012-14AAPS Holiday FestivitiesEvents
CPF Short Film Competition for Bay Area Middle and High School StudentsEditorial2012-15CPF Short Film CompetitionEvents
Student Debuts as Home Tour DocentLynch, Judith2012-15Legacy Home TourEvents
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2012-16Free trees and shrubsGiveaways
Historic Preservation Award Nomination FormEditorial2012-17Preservation Award Nomination FormPreservation Awards
The Bruton House: A Gold Coast Landmark Presenter: Woody MinorCover page2012-31The Bruton HouseLectures
A Monumental HomeMinor, Woody2012-31 - 2The Bruton House 1240 St. Charles StreetHistory
Alameda Historical Monument #11 Second Empire Residence 2233 Santa Clara AvenueExcerpt 2012-33Second Empire Residence 2233 Santa Clara AvenueMonuments
AAPS Kids Preservation Contest is UnderwayEditorial2012-34AAPS Kids Preservation ContestEvents
15th Annual Preservation Awards – May 17Editorial2012-3415th Annual Preservation Awards Save the datePreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2012Editorial2012-34Board MembersMembership
Erich Stiger AAPS President's Letter to MembersStiger, Erich2012-35President's letter regarding upcoming eventsMembership
Historic Preservation Ordinance Revisions ContinueBuckley, Chris2012-36Historic Preservation OrdinanceBuilding and Planning
Old Roots, New Growth: Cultivating Communities: 37th Annual California Preservation ConferenceEditorial2012-3737th Annual California Preservation ConferenceEvents
AAPS would like to thank members who donated to the organization in 2011Editorial2012-38Thank members for donationsMembership
Winners of the Fifteenth Annual Preservation Awards & AAPS Kids Preservation ContestCover page2012-61Preservation Awards and Kids ContestPreservation Awards
Red Onion, A Tasty Rehab 1222 Park StreetMinor, Woody2012-61 - 21222 Park StreetPreservation Awards
Saved at The Brink: 855 Cedar StreetLiu, Meilin; Kudla, Larry; Buckley, Christopher2012-63855 Cedar StreetPreservation Awards
Reconstruction of a Tower 1723 Central AvenueTeague, Alan H2012-64 - 51723 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Belfast Mug Root Beer Sign, The 1521 Webster StreetSmallman, Jim2012-661521 Webster St.Preservation Awards
AAPS Kids Preservation ContestJimenez, Corri2012-67Kids Preservation ProjectPreservation Awards
Kids Contest WinnersEditorial2012-67Kids Preservation Contest winnersPreservation Awards
Architectural Winners HonoredEditorial2012-68Preservation Awards party Preservation Awards
Storefront Reborn: 1616 Webster StreetHolan, Jerri2012-681616 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
Labor of Love 1423 Versailles AvenueMinor, Woody2012-691423 Versailles AvenuePreservation Awards
Phoenix From Ashes 727 Paru StreetBrady, Denise2012-610727 Paru StreetPreservation Awards
2412-2414 Lincoln AvenueSmallman, Jim2012-6112412-2414 Lincoln AvenuePreservation Awards
A-4 Skyhawk Once Again Graces the Main Gate at Alameda PointRutter, Dick2012-612A-4 Skyhawk Alameda PointPreservation Awards
Colonial Revival Survival 1830 Alameda AvenueBrady, Denise2012-6131830 Alameda AvenuePreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2012Editorial2012-614Board MembersMembership
Woody Walk at Mastick Park: Birth of the BungalowCover page2012-81Woody Walk in Mastick ParkEvents
Early 20th Century Subdivision, AnMinor, Woody2012-81 - 3Mastick Park: Birth of the BungalowHistory
Refreshed Logo, AEditorial2012-83AAPS new logo
AAP Board Members 2012Editorial2012-83Board MembersMembership
AAPS Initiates Plaque Program to Honor Historic Alameda Structures and Educate PassersbyHird, Nancy2012-84Plaque ProgramPlaques
Erich Stiger President's LetterStiger, Erich2012-85President's letter regarding Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
Wood Windows: How Easy are They to Preserve?Jimenez, Corri2012-86Preserving Wood WindowsRestoration
Mark Your Calendar: Legacy Home TourEditorial2012-87Legacy Home Tour call for docents, advertising Events
Thank you to Holly SellersEditorial2012-88Holly Sellers leaves Membership CommitteeMembership
And Now AAPS Needs Your HelpEditorial2012-88Call for Membership Committee volunteersMembership
Uncovering an Architectural Treasure The Restoration of 1837 Clinton AvenueCover page2013-11Restoration of 1837 ClintonLectures
At a Prominent Corner of LeonardvilleEditorial2013-11 - 2Restoration of 1837 ClintonRestoration
AAPS Kids Preservation ContestEditorial2013-13Kids Preservation ProjectEvents
AAPS Holiday FestivitiesEditorial2013-13Holiday PartyEvents
PAC Get Involved, Make a DifferenceEditorial2013-13Preservation Action Committee call for volunteersMembership
Welcome New Board Members Jim Smallman, Mary Jacak, & Kathy McIntireEditorial2013-13Board MembersMembership
Update on the Seismic Retrofit of Historic Alameda High School, AnBuckley, Chris2013-14 - 5Alameda High School seismic retrofitRestoration
AAPS would like to thank members who donated to the organization in 2012Editorial2013-16Membership donationsMembership
Classic American Lighting & House Parts Robert Wien of RejuvenationCover page2013-31Lighting and House PartsLectures
Need for Historic House PartsEditorial2013-31 - 2Lighting and House PartsRestoration
Time Again for Preservation Award NominationsEditorial2013-32Preservation Awards call for nominationsPreservation Awards
Alameda Historical Monument #10 Alameda Masonic Temple 1327-33 Park StreetExcerpt 2013-33Masonic Temple 1327-33 Park StreetMonuments
AAPS Board Members 2013Editorial2013-34Board MembersMembership
PAC Get Involved, Make a DifferenceEditorial2013-34Preservation Action Committee call for volunteers Membership
Winners of the Sixteenth Annual Preservation Awards & AAPS Kids Preservation ContestCover page2013-61Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
Queen Anne Revisited 1417 San Antonio AvenueHolan, Jerri2013-61 - 21417 San Antonio AvenuePreservation Awards
A-7B Corsair II Soars Again at the East Gate of Alameda PointRutter, Richard2013-62 - 3A-7B Corsair Alameda PointPreservation Awards
Respect: 1715 Schiller StreetSmallman, JIm2013-641715 Schiller StreetPreservation Awards
AAPS Kids Preservation ContestStiger, Erich2013-65First AAPS Kids preservation project contestPreservation Awards
A Success in Balancing Change with Continuity Ole’s Waffle Shop Façade RemodelRutter, Richard2013-661505 & 1507 Park StreetPreservation Awards
Ironside Cottage: A Family Legacy 1206 Ninth StreetHolan, Jerri2013-671206 Ninth StreetPreservation Awards
Architectural Winners HonoredEditorial2013-68Awards party reviewPreservation Awards
AAPS Announces Details of the Preservation Plaque ProgramHird, Nancy2013-69Announcing the Plaque ProgramPlaques
Victoria’s Legacy in AlamedaEditorial2013-69Mastick Class announcementClasses
AAPS Board Members 2013Editorial2013-610Board MembersMembership
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2013-610Free trees and shrubs
Save The Date Alameda Home TourEditorial2013-610Legacy Home TourEvents
Woody Walk at Waterside Terrace: Meeting the ModernCover page2013-81Woody Walk at Waterside TerraceEvents
Discovery in Alameda’s East End, AMInor, Woody2013-81 - 2Waterside TerraceHistory
September Home Tour Features a Victorian Way of LifeEditorial2013-82Legacy Home Tour call for docentsEvents
AAPS Board Members 2013Editorial2013-82Board MembersMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementEditorial2013-83Legacy Home TourEvents
New Chapter for the Sherman Street DepotJimenez, Corri2013-84Sherman Street DepotRestoration
Preservation Awards Exhibit on Display at City HallEditorial2013-85Awards exhibit at City HallPreservation Awards
PAC Get Involved, Make a DifferenceEditorial2013-86Preservation Action Committee call for volunteersMembership
Historically Appropriate Additions & Alterations to Period Structures Rynerson O’Brien ArchitectureCover page2013-101Additions and AlterationsLectures
Art of Looking Original, TheEditorial2013-101 - 2Additions and AlterationsRestoration
Return to Yesteryear: Family History DayEditorial2013-103Kids preservation projectHistory
Elegant Walking Tour BrochureEditorial2013-103Self-guided Walking tour brochureHistory
City Approves Reduced Building Height Limits and Other Planning Improvements for North Park StreetJacak, Mary2013-104Building height limits for Park St.Development
Nice Day for a Walk: Waterside TerraceEditorial2013-105Review of the Woody WalkEvents
AAPS Board Members 2013Editorial2013-106Board MembersMembership
Foundations, Ground Water Management, and More John M. Jameson ConstructionCover page2014-11Foundations and ground water managementEvents
Restoring Our Architectural Heritage From The Ground UpSmallman, Jim2014-11 - 2Foundations and ground water managementRestoration
In Appreciation: Kevis Brownson stepping downEditorial2014-13Kevis Brownson steps down as website coordinatorNews
AAPS Would Like to Welcome New Board MembersEditorial2014-13Board MembersMembership
Holiday Party a Glittering SuccessSmallman, Jim2014-14Holiday PartyEvents
Historic Preservation Season in Alameda 2014Editorial2014-15Calendar of events Events
Colusa Sandstone and the Alameda Carnegie LibraryJimenez, Corri2014-16Colusa Sandstone buildings and the Carnegie LibraryHistory
Meyers House & Garden Open Twice Each MonthEditorial2014-17Meyers House hours of operationNews
Mysteries of Paint Protection Revealed, The Pacific Northwest Painters & Construction, Inc.Editorial2014-41 - 2Exterior Paint protectionRestoration
Preservation Society Takes a Stand on Alameda Point DevelopmentEditorial2014-42Alameda Point development plansDevelopment
AAPS would like to thank members who donated to the organizationEditorial2014-43Thank you to donorsMembership
Foundation and Water Management Challenges Addressed by John JamesonEditorial2014-44Thank you to Jameson for Membership talkEvents
AAPS Board Memb ers 2014Editorial2014-44Board membersMembership
Winners of the Seventeenth Annual Preservation Awards at Auctions by the Bay TheaterCover page2014-61Preservation AwardsEvents
It’s Green and I Want it! 1530 Mozart StreetSmallman, Jim2014-61 -2 1530 Mozart StreetPreservation Awards
Thank You for Your Hard Work!Editorial2014-62Preservation Awards celebrationPreservation Awards
1208 Lincoln Avenue: Elegant Cleaners & Alterations Brightens Bay StationRutter, Richard2014-631208 Lincoln AvenuePreservation Awards
Queen Anne Finally Gets the “Right” Restoration, AHolan, Jerri2014-64 - 51502 Grand StreetPreservation Awards
Tip of the Hat: 1244 Sherman StreetMarkel, Wendy2014-651244 Sherman StreetPreservation Awards
Tip of the Hat: 1514 Benton StreetMarkel, Wendy2014-651514 Benton StreetPreservation Awards
Victorian Cottage Sheds it’s Skin 924 Taylor AvenueHolan, Jerri2014-66924 Taylor AvenuePreservation Awards
Powell Building Refreshed, The 1540 Park StreetSmallman, Jim; Fong, Harry2014-671540 Park StreetPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2014Editorial2014-68Board MembersMembership
Woody Walk Gold Coast GlimmersCover page2014-81Woody Walk Gold Coast Events
Nuggets by the BayMinor, Woody2014-81 - 2The Gold CoastHistory
Celebrate... the restoration of the family flagpole at the Meyers House with Jim Smallman and Scout Troop 78Editorial2014-83Restoration of Meyers House FlagpoleEvents
AAPS Board Members 2014Editorial2014-83Board MembersMembership
Your Home Tour Dollars at Work: 1978 –79 Photo Scanning ProjectSmallman, Jim2014-84Photo Scanning project Research
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Samantha McNallyHall, Johanna2014-85Architectural ArtistsArt
ConnectionsSmallman, Jim2014-86Cottage purchased and moved by AVPS to the 400 block of Santa Clara AveRestoration
Alameda Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementEditorial2014-87Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Calling All Docents!Editorial2014-88Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Endless Possibilities… Tiles from the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation Presenter: Susan J. MontgomeryCover page2014-111Tiles from the Two Red Roses Foundation CollectionLectures
What is the Two Red Roses Foundation?Editorial2014-111 - 2The Red Roses FoundationHistory
AAPS Board Members 2014Editorial2014-112Board MembersMembership
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2014-112Free trees and shrubs
Announcing the AAPS Plaque Program: Call for VolunteersSmallman, Jim2014-113Plaque Program call for volunteersPlaques
Art of Conquering Victorian Pocket Doors, TheSmallman, Jim2014-114 - 5Pocket DoorsRestoration
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Linda WeinstockHall, Johanna2014-116Architectural ArtistsArt
AAPS Supports Restoration of the Isabelle Clark Memorial Bench in Jackson ParkHird, Nancy; Shelton, Denise2014-117Memorial Bench in Jackson ParkRestoration
Help Wanted Chair or Co-Chairs for the 2015 Legacy Home Tour.Editorial2014-118Help wanted Legacy Home TourEvents
Enhanced Security for Vintage Doors and Windows Presenter: Bill EssertEditorial2015-11 - 2Security for Vintage Doors and WindowsLectures
AAPS Unveils Commemorative Plaque at City HallHird, Nancy2015-12Commemorative Plaque at City HallEvents
An Achievable Task: Restoring a Double-hung Window OperationSmallman, Jim2015-13 - 5Restoring a Double-hung WindowRestoration
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Leslie WilsonWeinstock, Linda2015-16Architectural ArtistsArt
Artists at Redux Art Gallery and Studios Host a Pre-Edwardian Ball Fashion ExtravaganzaEditorial2015-17Pre-Edwardian Fashion artists and vendorsEvents
Proposed AAPS Board Members 2015Editorial2015-18Board MembersMembership
Repairing Double-hung Windows and Pocket Doors Presenter: Jim SmallmanCover page2015-31Repairing Double-hung Windows and Pocket DoorsLectures
Keeping Options OpenEditorial2015-31Repairing Double-hung Windows and Pocket DoorsResource
Save Your Shingles and Your Money!Smallman, Jim2015-32Exterior Shingles Resource
Alameda Historical Monument #4 St. Joseph's Basilica 1109 Chestnut StreetExcerpt 2015-33St. Joseph's Basilica 1109 Chestnut StreetMonuments
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Margaret W. FagoWeinstock, Linda2015-34Architectural ArtistsArt
Thank You - Acknowledge Member supportEditorial2015-35Recognizing outstanding donatorsMembership
AAPS Seeking Nominations for the Annual Historic Preservation AwardsEditorial2015-35Seeking nominations for Preservation AwardsPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2015Editorial2015-36Board MembersMembership
Winners of the Eighteenth Annual Preservation Awards at Alameda Point TheaterCover page2015-51Preservation AwardsEvents
An Alameda Landmark Regains its Prominence, 1400 Park StreetRutter, Dick2015-51 - 21400 Park StreetPreservation Awards
Dreadful Exterior Hides an Intact Interior at 1833 Clinton AvenueSmallman, Jim2015-53 - 41833 Clinton Avenue.Preservation Awards
Picture-Perfect Porch, 305 Haight StreetHolan, Jerri2015-54 - 5305 Haight StreetPreservation Awards
Do You Own a Historic Building? Let Everyone Know with a Plaque!Editorial2015-55Plaque ProgramPlaques
Queen Anne Castle’s Tale, with a Storybook Ending 3264 Briggs AvenueRutter, Dick2015-563264 Briggs AvenuePreservation Awards
City Insists on Integrity for New Windows in an Eastlake Cottage:1609 Lincoln AvenueMarkel, Wendy2015-571609 Lincoln AvenuePreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2015Editorial2015-58Board MembersMembership
Mansion Row: A Stroll on Central AvenueCover page2015-81Woody Walk on Central AvenueEvents
Alameda’s Greatest StreetMinor, Woody2015-81 - 2Mansion Row on Central AvenueHistory
2015 Alameda Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementEditorial2015-83Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Fireplace InsertsSmallman, Jim2015-84 - 5Fireplace InsertsResource
Free Trees & ShrubsBuckley, Chris2015-85Free trees and shrubsResource
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Calling All DocentsEditorial2015-85Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Emily Brock BonnesWeinstock, Linda2015-86Architectural ArtistsArt
San Francisco VictorianaEditorial2015-87Victoriana closes plus list of service providersResource
AAPS Board Members 2015Editorial2015-88Board MembersMembership
Underneath It All Restoring Period Architectural Woodwork Presenter: Christopher YerkeCover page2015-111Restoring WoodworkLectures
Original or Historically AppropriateAced, Steve; Yerke, Christopher 2015-111 - 2Restoring WoodworkRestoration
Have You Ordered Your Historical Plaque?Editorial2015-113Plaque RecipientsPlaques
Call for Nominations 2016 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2015-113Call for Board NominationsMembership
Legacy of Enterprise & Innovation Presenter: Woody MinorEditorial2015-113Legacy of achievement in the 19th and 20th centuriesLectures
Legacy Home Tour Draws Appreciative CrowdsSmallman, Jim2015-114Legacy Home Tour Events
Tips from Margy (Silver)Editorial2015-115Tips on stripping paint from interior woodworkRestoration
Alameda Artist Spotlight: George David PowellWeinstock, Linda2015-116Architectural ArtistsArt
Alameda Historical Monument #6 First Church of Christ, ScientistExcerpt 2015-1172164 Central AvenueMonuments
AAPS Board Members 2015Editorial2015-118Board MembersMembership
Researching Historic Homes Presenter: Dennis EvanoskyCover page2016-21Researching Historic HomesLectures
What is the Story of Your Historic Home?Evanosky, Dennis2016-21 - 2Researching Historic HomesResource
New Addition to the AAPS Board, AEditorial2016-22Chris Rummel joins the AAPS BoardMembership
AAPS Board Members 2016Editorial2016-22Board MembersMembership
AAPS’ Holiday Party Was a Great SuccessGibson, Janet2016-23Holiday PartyEvents
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Adissapong PraphantanathornWeinstock, Linda2016-24Architectural ArtistsArt
Historic Preservation Award Nomination Form 2016Editorial2016-25Preservation Award Nomination FormPreservation Awards
Preservation Award Nominees due March 11, 2016Editorial2016-26Historical Plaque ProgramPlaques
Save the Date Sunday, September 25: Alameda Legacy Home TourEditorial2016-27Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Home Afloat Alameda Museum Lecture Series Presenter: RaziahEditorial2016-28House Boats on the EstuaryEvents
AAPS Schedule of Events 2016Editorial2016-28AAPS CalendarEvents
Revealing a Leonardville Gem The Restoration of 1833 Clinton Avenue Presenter: Jim SmallmanCover page2016-41Restoration of 1833 Clinton Lectures
Dreadful Exterior was Hiding an Intact Interior, TheMinor, Woody2016-41 - 21833 Clinton AvenuePreservation Awards
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Vivianesque YoungWeinstock, Linda2016-43Architectural ArtistsArt
Historic Scanning Project MilestoneSmallman, Jim2016-441979 Photographic SurveyResource
More AAPS Plaques Around TownEditorial2016-45Plaque RecipientsPlaques
Alameda Museum Lecture Series 2016Editorial2016-46The Downeasters 1869-1925Lectures
AAPS Board Members 2016Editorial2016-46Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2016Editorial2016-46AAPS CalendarEvents
Winners of the Nineteenth Annual Preservation Awards at Alameda Point TheaterCover page2016-61Preservation AwardsEvents
This Queen Can Breathe Again, 1122 Union StreetLipp, John L; Lunny, Peter2016-621122 Union StreetPreservation Awards
Tip of the Hat: 2061 Buena Vista AvenueHolan, Jerri2016-622061 Buena Vista AvenuePreservation Awards
Something About 1315 Mound StreetYu, Phoebe2016-631315 Mound StreetPreservation Awards
Deco Darling Gets Dolled Up 1419 Park StreetHolan, Jerri2016-64 - 51419 Park StreetPreservation Awards
Posthumus Lifetime Achievement AwardLynch, Judith2016-65Imelda Binneboese MerlinHistory
Weathered Residence is Renewed 1207 Union StreetSmallman, Jim2016-661207 Union StreetPreservation Awards
Windows Restored to Their Initial Splendor at St. Joseph BasilicaMangiante, Lisa2016-671109 Chestnut StreetPreservation Awards
More AAPS Plaques Around TownEditorial2016-68Plaque RecipientsPlaques
AAPS Board Members 2016Editorial2016-68Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2016Editorial2016-68AAPS CalendarEvents
East End Arts and Crafts: Woody WalkCover page2016-81Woody WalkEvents
East End Arts & Crafts: New Century, New StyleMInor, Woody2016-81 - 2East End Arts and Crafts ArchitectureLectures
2016 Alameda Legacy Home Tour Calling All DocentsEditorial2016-83Legacy Home Tour call for DocentsLegacy Home Tour
Architectural Gems AboundLynch, Judith2016-84Friends of the Library EventsLectures
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Chris RummellWeinstock, Linda2016-85Architectural ArtistsArt
AAPS Board Members 2016Editorial2016-86Board MembersMembership
Do You Own a Historic Building? Let Everyone Know with a Plaque!Editorial2016-86Add a plaque to your historic buildingPlaques
AAPS Schedule of Events 2016Editorial2016-86AAPS CalendarEvents
Bungalow Courts of the Island City Presented by Woody MinorCover page2016-101Bungalow CourtsLectures
A New Approach to Residential DevelopmentMoinor, Woody2016-101 -2Bungalow CourtsPreservation
Historical Architecture in Alameda on DisplayEditorial2016-103Alameda Legacy Home TourEvents
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Margaret LeeWeinstock, Linda2016-104Architectural ArtistsArt
More AAPS Plaques Around TownEditorial2016-105Plaque RecipientsPlaques
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2016-105Membership FormMembership
Call for Nominations 2017 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2016-106Board NominationsMembership
Renew, Now is a Good TimeEditorial2016-106Reminder to Renew MembershipMembership
AAPS Board Members 2016Editorial2016-106Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2016Editorial2016-106AAPS CalendarEvents
Ornamental Plaster Expert Lorna KollmeyerEditorial2017-21 - 2Ornamental PlasterResources
AAPS Holiday Dinner: A Good Time Was Had By AllGibson, Janet2017-22Holiday PartyEditorial
AAPS Welcomes New and Returning Board MembersEditorial2017-22Board MembersMembership
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Mandar WagholikarWeinstock, Linda2017-23Architectural ArtistsArt
Quick Action Saves Railroad LandmarkPerales, Conchita2017-24 - 6Waiting Station shelter on Webster St. is savedPreservation
Education CommitteeEditorial2017-26Call to join education committeeMembership
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2017-26PAC seeks participationPreservation Action Committee
Education CommitteeEditorial2017-26Education Committee seeks volunteersEducation Committee
More AAPS Plaques Around TownEditorial2017-27Plaque RecipientsPlaques
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2017-27Membership FormMembership
Nominations Requested!Editorial2017-28Legacy Home TourEvents
Alameda Development and Architecture: From the Era of Queen Victoria to the Magic of Storybook 1850s to 1920sEditorial2017-28Mastick Class announcementEvents
Nominations Requested!Editorial2017-28Call for Nominations for the Home TourLegacy Home Tour
AAPS Schedule of Events 2017Editorial2017-28AAPS CalendarEvents
Select Period Appropriate Lighting for Your Home Presenter: Phil Waen, How toEditorial2017-41 - 2Period lightingResource
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Candace Kay RoweWeinstock, Linda2017-43Architectural ArtistsArt
Returning from the Brink, Saving the Samuel Allen HouseSmallman, Jim2017-44 - 5Samuel Allen HouseRestoration
Alameda Historical Monument #5: Sanctuary Building of the First Presbyterian ChurchExcerpt 2017-46First Presbyterian Church 2001 Santa Clara AvenueMonuments
Membership FormForm2017-47Membership FormMembership
Do you own a building in Alameda that might be historic?Editorial2017-47PlaquesPlaques
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2017-47Membership FormMembership
AAPS Board Members 2017Editorial2017-48Board MembersMembership
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2017-48PAC Seeks participationPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Schedule of Events 2017Editorial2017-48AAPS CalendarEvents
Winners of the Twentieth Annual Preservation Awards at Alameda Point TheaterCover page2017-61Preservation AwardsEvents
Alameda Portal Shines Again, TheWeinstein, Kay2017-61 - 2The Alameda PortalPreservation Awards
A Classic Shows a Rediscovered Face to the StreetSmallman, Jim2017-62 - 31012 Grand StreetPreservation Awards
Classic Alameda Streetlights are Ready to Light the WayMcDonald, Brian2017-63 - 4Alameda StreetlightsPreservation Awards
Maintaining the Home of TruthHolan, Jerri2017-641300 Grand StreetPreservation Awards
Restoring the Bench for Our Dumb Friends and Others to EnjoyMcDonald, Brian2017-65Bench at former Jackson ParkPreservation Awards
Phoenix in Disguise 643 Central Avenue, AHolan, Jerri2017-66643 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Wescafe Brings Style to 1518 Webster StreetSmallman, Jim2017-671518 Webster StreetPreservation Awards
AAPS Board MembersEditorial2017-68Board MembersMembership
Preservation Award PlaqueEditorial2017-68PlaquesPlaques
AAPS Schedule of Events 2017Editorial2017-68AAPS CalendarEvents
Woody Walk The East End After Arts & CraftsMinor, Woody2017-81 - 3Woody WalkEvents
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2017-83PAC seeks participationPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2017-83Membership FormMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementAdvertisement2017-84Legacy Home TourEvents
Alameda Artist Spotlight: A. John KammerRowe, Candace 2017-85Architectural ArtistsArt
AAPS Board Members 2017Editorial2017-86Board MembersMembership
Alameda Legacy Home Tour Calling All DocentsAdvertisement2017-86Home Tour call for DocentsLegacy Home Tour
AAPS Schedule of Events 2017Editorial2017-86AAPS CalendarEvents
Residential Seismic Retrofit Kelly Cobeen, Structural EngineerCobeen, Kelly2017-101 - 2Seismic RetrofitResources
Alameda Artist SpotlightRowe, Candace 2017-103Architectural ArtistsArt
An Appreciation, Richard RutterLynch, Judith2017-104 - 5In MemoryEditorial
The Sun Shines on a Glittering Legacy TourSmallman, Jim2017-106 - 7Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Membership FormEditorial2017-107Membership FormMembership
Call for Nominations 2018 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2017-108Nominations Board of DirectorsMembership
Legacy Guidebooks from the Alameda Legacy Home Tour Available for PurchasePerales, Conchita 2017-108Legacy Home Tour Guidebooks for SaleLegacy Home Tour
AAPS Board Members 2017Editorial2017-108Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2017/18Editorial2017-108AAPS CalendarEvents
Vintage Home Renovation & Restoration with Jerri Holan, Jim Smallman, Stephen Rynerson, Greg McFann, Thomas Saxby, Virgil & Margy SilverEditorial2018-21 - 3Vintage Home Renovation & RestorationLectures
Highlights from the October 22, 2017 AAPS Membership Meeting on Residential Seismic RetrofitBuckley, Christopher2018-23Residential Seismic RetrofitLectures
Farewell to Wallpaper Designer, Author, and Master Proclaimer Paul DuchschererLynch, Judith2018-24 - 5Paul Duchscherer life celebrationMemorial
Decorating your Vintage RoomsEditorial2018-25Decorating with Wallpaper: Bradbury & BradburyRestoration
AAPS Welcomes New and Returning Board MembersEditorial2018-25Board MembersMembership
An Important Swath of Heritage and Architecture Under SiegeLynch, Judith2018-26Alameda MarinaPlanning/Building
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Stephen SècheRowe, Candace2018-27Artist Stephen SècheArt
Call for GuidebooksPerales, Conchita2018-28Looking for old Home Tour GuidebooksLegacy Home Tour
AAPS Would like to Thank Members Who DonatedEditorial2018-28Thank you for donationsMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2018Editorial2018-28AAPS CalendarEvents
Choosing Color Schemes & Decorative Finishes Presenter: Bob BuckterRummel, Chris2018-41Exterior Paint and Decorative finishesLectures
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Nancy RobertsRowe, Candace 2018-43Architectural ArtistsArt
Why Despoil a Maritime Legend?Lynch, Judith2018-44 - 5Alameda MarinaPreservation
Highlights from the February 25, 2018 AAPS Membership Meeting Vintage Restoration & Renovation for Today’s LifestyleRummel, Chris2018-44Membership MeetingEvents
Local Lore Shines at the LibraryLynch, Judith2018-46Calendar of talks at the LibraryEvents
AAPS would like to thank additional members who donatedEditorial2018-46Thank you to donorsDonors
AAPS Schedule of Events 2008Editorial2018-46AAPS CalendarEvents
2525 Noble AvenuePerales, Conchita2018-61 - 22525 Noble AvenuePreservation Awards
Winners of the Twenty-First Preservation Awards at Crow’s Nest, Alameda Naval Air MuseumCover page2018-61Preservation AwardsEvents
Getting Things Right 2631 San Jose AvenueHalsey, Laurel2018-61 -22631 San Jose AvenuePreservation Awards
1201 Lafayette StreetSerraino, Pierluigi 2018-631201 LaFayette StreetPreservation Awards
For the Love of Family – 2253 San Antonio AvenuePerales, Conchita2018-642253 San Antonio AvenuePreservation Awards
2134 San Jose AvenueLipow, Gretchen2018-652134 San Jose AvenuePreservation Awards
First Congregational Church 1912 Central AvenueWeinstein, Kay2018-661912 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
1003 Morton StreetMc Donald, Brian2018-67 - 81003 Morton StreetPreservation Awards
Building 91 The Beginning of NAS’ FutureHolan, Jerri2018-68Building 91 Naval Air StationPreservation Awards
AAPS Board Members 2018Editorial2018-68Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2018Editorial2018-68AAPS CalendarEvents
Crow’s Nest Alameda Naval Air MuseumAdvertisement2018-68Directions to Crow’s Nest Alameda Naval Air MuseumEvents
Woody Walk FernsideCover page2018-81Woody WalkEvents
Fernside: Fabulous Place, Fabled HistoryMinor, Woody2018-82 - 4FernsideEvents
Strolling Alameda’s Streets, an Architectural Time-travel ExperiencePerales, Conchita2018-85Neighborhood Walk with Judith LynchEvents
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Bonnie BollerRowe, Candace 2018-86Architectural ArtistsArt
Alameda Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementAdvertisement2018-87Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Board Members 2018Editorial2018-88Board MembersMembership
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2018-88PAC seeks participationPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Schedule of Events 2018Editorial2018-88AAPS CalendarEvents
All Things Glass Restoration and Conservation Presenter Joan Di StefanoPerales, Conchita2018-101 - 2Glass Restoration and ConservationEvents
Call for Nominations 2019 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2018-102Call for Board NominationsMembership
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Justin PastoresRowe, Candace 2018-103Architectural ArtistsArt
Home Tour a Great SuccessSmallman, Jim2018-104 - 5Legacy Home TourEvents
Free Trees and ShrubsBuckley, Chris2018-104Free Trees and ShrubsClassfieds / For Sale
Time to RenewEditorial2018-104Renew MembershipMembership
Membership FormEditorial2018-105Membership FormMembership
AAPS Board Members 2018Editorial2018-106Board of DirectorsMembership
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2018-106PAC seeks participationPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Schedule of Events 2018Editorial2018-106AAPS CalendarEvents
History of The Alameda Legacy Home Tour 45 years and counting Presenters: Woody Minor & Conchita PeralesMinor, Woody2019-11 - 2Legacy Home TourEvents
An Evening with Glass Artist, Joan Di StefanoLithgow, Karen2019-13Glass Restoration and ConservationEvents
Years of Tumult and Triumph for AAPS: 2002-2004Lynch, Judith2019-14 - 6PreservationHistory
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Garr CrookstonRowe, Candace 2019-17Architectural ArtistsArt
AAPS Board Members 2019Editorial2019-18Board MembersMembership
Renew Are you Ready for the New Year?Editorial2019-18Renew MembershipMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2019Editorial2019-18AAPS CalendarEvents
Architectural Forensics: What Was That? Presenter: Judith LynchCover page2019-41Architectural ForensicsLectures
Architectural Forensics – A Detective StoryLithgow, Karen2019-42Architectural ForensicsHistory
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Meg AdlerRowe, Candace 2019-43Architectural ArtistsArt
Meet Our Monuments - Whidden House, Bethlehem-Alameda Shipyard, Carnegie Building, Del Monte WarehouseLynch, Judith2019-44 - 6City Monuments, Historic Preservation ProgramPreservation
AAPS would like to thank members who donatedEditorial2019-47Thank you fo donorsMembership
Local Lore Shines at the LibraryLynch, Judith2019-47Library LecturesEvents
AAPS Plaque Committee Needs New MembersBrownson, Kevis2019-48Plaque Committee call for volunteersPlaques
AAPS Schedule of Events 2019Editorial2019-48AAPS CalendarEvents
AAPS Board Members 2019Editorial2019-48Board MembersMembership
Winners of the 22nd Annual Preservation AwardsVarious2019-61 - 8Preservation AwardsAwards
1817 San Antonio AvenueRenner, Mark; Bytof, Linda; Brady, Denise2019-631817 San Antonio AvenuePreservation Awards
A Rough Start Led to a Beautiful Finish 1208 -1210 Buena Vista AvenueMendez, Shiva2019-641208-1210 Buena Vista AvenuePreservation Awards
2314 Eagle AvenueMc Donald, Brian2019-65 - 62314 Eagle AvenuePreservation Awards
Building 9 Another NAS Success StoryHolan, Jerri2019-66 - 7Building 9, Naval Air StationPreservation Awards
2138 Alameda AvenueWeinstein, Kay2019-682138 Alameda AvenuePreservation Awards
Record Turnout for Architectural Forensics TalkLithgow, Karen2019-69Architectural ForensicsEvents
AAPS Board Members 2019Editorial2019-610Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2019Editorial2019-610AAPS CalendarEvents
Woody Walk The West EndCover page2019-81Woody WalkEvents
West End A Place Apart, TheMinor, Woody2019-82 - 4The West EndHistory
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Rosanna DiggsRowe, Candace 2019-85Architectural ArtistsArt
Tangible Symbols of the PastLynch, Judith2019-86City SignsPreservation
Legacy Home Tour AdvertisementAdvertisement2019-87Legacy Home TourEvents
AAPS Board Members 2019Editorial2019-88Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2019Editorial2019-88AAPS CalendarEvents
Insights From Home Inspection and Insurance ExpertsEditorial2019-101 - 2Home Inspection and InsuranceResource
On the Road to SerendipLynch, Judith 2019-102History
Alameda Artist Spotlight: Vivian AldridgeRowe, Candace 2019-103Architectural ArtistsArt
Travelogue: The Parisian Model for Urban HouseholdsSmallman, Jim2019-104ParisTravel
2019 Home Tour HighlightsPerales, Conchita2019-105 - 6Legacy Home TourReview
Is That House a Marcuse & Remmel?Perales, Conchita2019-107ArchitectureHistory
PAC Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2019-107Call for participation in the PACPreservation Action Committee
AAPS Board Members 2019Editorial2019-108Board MembersMembership
Call for Nominations 2020 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2019-108Call for Board NominationsMembership
AAPS Schedule of EventsEditorial2019-108AAPS Calendar Events
Marcuse & Remmel Revisiting Their Influence in Presenters: Woody Minor & Robert FarrarCover page2020-31Marcuse & Remmel Architecture FirmEvents
Do You Own a Marcuse & Remmel?Perales, Conchita2020-32Marcuse & Remmel Architecture FirmResource
Marcuse & Remmel Homebuilders Par ExcellenceMinor, Woody2020-33Marcuse & Remmel Architecture FirmHistory
Bungalow SojurnAced, Steve 2020-34 - 5Pasadena, CATravel
Home Inspector and Insurance Experts Tell All Presenters:Lithgow, Karen2020-36 - 7Home Inspection and InsuranceResource
AAPS Board Members 2020Editorial2020-37Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2020Editorial2020-38AAPS CalendarEvents
Join or Renew your MembershipEditorial2020-38Membership
Winners of the 23rd Annual Preservation AwardsCover page2020-71Preservation AwardsAwards
Historic Alameda HighschoolWeinstein, Kay2020-71 - 22200 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Colorful Present Matches Colorful PastHolan, Jerri2020-731423 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
1305 Ninth StreetLithgow, Karen2020-741305 Ninth StreetPreservation Awards
2860 Jackson StreetPerales, Conchita2020-75 - 62860 Jackson StreetPreservation Awards
A Mansion of ChangeTeague, Alan H.2020-76 - 71723 Central AvenuePreservation Awards
Masterly Millworks, Resource for Restoring Vintage HomePerales, Conchita2020-78Blue Ox MIllworks and Historic VillageRestoration Resource
Marcuse & Remmel Fans Delighted by TalkLithgow, Karen2020-79Marcuse & Remmel ArchitectsEvents
Robert Risley PassesEditorial2020-710In MemoryEditorial
Due to the Coronavirus PandemicEditorial2020-710Covid-19 CoronavirusNews
AAPS Board Members 2020Editorial2020-710Board MembersMembership
AAPS Schedule of Events 2020Editorial2020-710AAPS CalendarEvents
Article XXVI From Measure A to Measure ZPerales, Conchita; Buckley, Chris2020-91 - 2Article 26 OverviewCity Charter
Alameda, Today and TomorrowGreenside, Mark2020-92Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Why I voted for Article 26Paisal, Ellen2020-93Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Exclusionary Zoning and DensityMiller, Karen2020-93Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Who's behind the Historical Advisory Board's PowerLithgow, Karen2020-93Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
DensityJD2020-94Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Housing Crisis vs. DevelopersBrown, Stephanie2020-94Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
City Council's PowerMeakin, Bill2020-94Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Blue Collar CommunityLeaphart, Ro2020-94Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
The Truth behind Measure ZPerales, Conchita2020-95Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
UpzoningForeman, Paul2020-95Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Affordable HousingSiegal, Margie2020-96Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
DensityC.L., Ingrid2020-96Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
Money and Special InterestsGarfinkle, Jay2020-96Article 26 - opinion pieceCity Charter
19060s cartoon "what's good for Utah..."Lynch, Judith2020-96Cartoon re: Measure A 1979Politics
2020 Home Tour/Woody WalkAdvertisements2020-97Legacy Home Tour / Woody WalkEvents
Travelogue: Alvar Aalto goes to ItalySerraino, Pierluigi 2020-98-9ItalyTravel
Lessons learned during a restoration of a historic homeBoyd, Joyce 2020-910 - 11Home Restoration ResourcesRestoration Resource
AAPS Board Members 2020Editorial2020-911Board MembersMembership
Preservation Award Plaque recipientsEditorial2020-912Preservation Award recipientsAwards
AAPS Schedule of EventsEditorial2020-912AAPS CalendarEvents
Article 26 Lives OnEditorial2020-121Preservation regulationsPolitics
Home Tour Reimagined, ThePerales, Conchita2020-122Legacy Home Tour/Woody WalkEvents
Become a Detail SleuthLynch, Judith2020-123Architectural detailsPreservation
We Bought an Old House to Build a New LifeSullivan, Brenden2020-124Couple moves to Marcuse & Remmel in need of RestorationPreservation
My Pandemic WalksWeinstein, Kay2020-126Neighborhood walkPreservation Awards
Message to AAPS MembersLithgow, Karen2020-127AnnouncementEditorial
Travelogue: An Asian AlbumMinor, Woody2020-128ThailandTravel
Meet the CandidatesEditorial2020-1210Board MembersElection
The Road to Legorreta, TraveloguePerales, Conchita2021-110 - 11Ricardo Legorreta, Camino Real Hotel, Mexico City, Architecture
Alameda's General Plan Update ContinuesSullivan, Brenden2021-31 - 3General Plan UpdatePlanning and Development
Preservation Action Committee Report: General Plan Revision UpdateEditorial2021-34General Plan UpdatePreservation Action Committee
PAC Get Involved and Make a DifferenceEditorial2021-34Join the PACPreservation Action Committee
Need work done to your vintage home?Editorial2021-34Resources page - recommended by building ownersContractors and Resources
More AAPS Plaques Around TownBrownson, Kevis2021-35PlaquesPlaques
Restoration Journal: The Roof Over Our HeadsBoyd, Joyce2021-36 - 7Roof Repair, Advice and ResourcesRestoration
My House in France, TravelogueGreenside, Mark2021-38 - 9FranceTravel
AAPS Welcomes New and Returning Board MembersEditorial2021-310Board MembersMembership
Alameda Development & ArchitectureLynch, Judith2021-310Mastick LectureEvents
Winners of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Preservation Awards - Live Event Via Zoom July 25 -Cover Page2021-71Preservation Awards
Could It Be... Another Pattiani? 1428 Benton StreetHolan, Jerri2021-71-2Award recipients: JL Mount Investment Co., John H. Jiang and Kwan Hong Li, Phoebe Yu, Designer and Realtor; Jim Smallman, Project Manager; Russo Windows
1504 Verdi StreetWeinstein, Kay2021-73Award recipients: Nate Martin and Jen Evans, Owners
1814 NInth Street, Tip of the HatPerales, Conchita2021-74Award recipients: Greg and Jill Harrison, Owners; Jarvis Moore, Draughtsman; Izet Tudzinovic, RI Best Construction
603 Haight AvenueFarrar, Robert2021-75 - 6Award recipients: Nick Winkworth & Judith Jones, Owners; Robert Allen, General Contractor; John Jameson, Foundation Contractor
AAPS PlaquesEditorial2021-76Plaques Program Advertisement
PAC Preservation Action Committee - Get Involved and Make a Difference!Editorial2021-76PAC Advertisement Call to join
2508 Eagle AvenuePerales, Conchita2021-77Award recipients: Kris Koblik and Sean Nolan, Owners; Don Maclean, Master Carpenter
922 Lafayette StreetWesterholm, Devon2021-78Award recipients: Patricia Devlin, Owner; Alexandra Saikley, Architect; Lorna Kollmeyer Ornamental Plaster; Aurora Painting
Second Draft General Plan Considered by Planning Board and Historical Advisory Board on June 14Editorial2021-79PAC residential density, upzoning, demolition, historic buildings, mixed use, Article 26, ADUs
Tiki Bar Zoom EventLithgow, Karen2021-712Brian McDonald, CapyBar, Lost Spirits Distillery, Mai Tai recipeEvents
AAPS Board Members 2021Editorial2021-712Karen Lithgow, Conchita Perales, Robert Farrar, Joyce Boyd, Devon Westerholm, Patsy Baer, Janet Gibson, Brenden SullivanBoard of Directors
AAPS Schedule of Events 2021Editorial2021-71224th Annual Preservation Awards
Masonry Chimneys - Could They Come Down Like a Ton of Bricks?Lithgow, Karen2021-111 - 3Masonry Chimneys resources Restoration Resources
Let Preservation Begin with YouSullivan, Brenden2021-114Call to action for local controlPreservation Action Committee
Do you know the Wedge?Lynch, Judith2021-114Call for volunteers Events
Home Tour App Opens Doors to the PastPerales, Conchita 2021-115Summary of 2021 Home Tour Events
Christopher Buckley's Transylvania Road Trip, TraveloguePerales, Conchita 2021-116 - 8Transylvania, Dracula, Romania, Art NouveauTravel
Preservation Awards 2021 RecipientsEditorial 2021-119Photographs of recipients with plaquesPreservation Awards
Call for Nominations 2022 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial 2021-1110Call for Board nominationsMembership
PAC - Get Involved & Make a DifferenceEditorial 2021-1110Call for volunteers Preservation Action Committee
AAPS Board Members 2021Editorial 2021-1110Board MembersMembership
A Look Through Original Wood Windows = Did You Buy a Fixer Too?Farrar, Robert2022-31 - 3Window Repairs, Advice and Resources - old and replacementRestoration Resources
PAC - Get involved and Make a DifferenceEditorial2022-33Call for volunteers Preservation Action Committee
Proposed Zoning for Shopping Center SitesPerales, Conchita2022-34Planning, Housing Element, Zoning Code, Shopping CentersPlanning and Development
Wedge-ward Ho!Lynch, Judith2022-35The Wedge, 12 block area North end of Park St., Booklet walking tour, volunteersPreservation of HIstoric neighborhood
A Kurdish Home Built for Hospitality, TravelogueSullivan, Brenden2022-36 -8Cemil Pasha Mansion in Amed, Kurdistan, Culture, FamilyTravel
The Trend in Victorian MinimalismBoyd, Joyce2022-39Navil Agrawal, restoration, 1529 Mozart St., Restoration
A Special Thank You to those who generously donate to AAPSEditorial2022-310Christopher Buckley, Stephen Idle, Gail J. Gombos, Erick Stiger, Robert and Elizabeth FarrarDonations
AAPS Welcomes Our Returning Board MembersEditorial2022-310Board of DirectorsMembership
It's Time to Renew your AAPS MembershipEditorial2022-310Renewals, websiteMembership
A Primer for PaintWesterholm, Devon2022-41-3PaintingRestoration
Winners of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Preservation AwardsCover page2022-71Preservation Awards AnnouncementPreservation Awards
In with the Old, In with the New– MulberryWesterholm, Devon2022-71 - 2Mulberry DevelopmentPreservation AwardsAward Recipients: Alameda Collection Community Corporation; Hunt Hale Jones Architects, Architect; City Ventures, Builder; RW Stover & Associates, Inc., Landscape Architect
1250 Park Street at 150 YearsWeinstein, Kay2022-731250 Park St.Preservation AwardsAward Recipients: Kenny and Linda Fong, Owners; Daniel Hoy, Architect; Tom Carroll, Carroll Construction, Contractor
The Big Brown House on the Corner, 2531 San Jose Avenue - Tip of the Hat Perales, Conchita2022-74 - 52531 San Jose AvenuePreservation AwardsAward Recipients: Kristen Batten and Jerrold Connors, Owners; Govers Sidewall Shingling, Berkeley; Olson’s Painting Company, Alameda, Contractors.
Wedge-wardians Unite!Lynch, Judith2022-75The Wedge, 12 block neighborhoodPreservation Action/Lecture
Build Back Better! 2722 Washington StreetPerales, Conchita2022-762722 Washington St. Preservation AwardsAward Recipients: Brian Maryo and Katie Schultz, Owners; Angela Klein, Architect; Keith Challberg, Buestad Construction; Juan Gonzalez, GM Painting; John Vasquez, Montclair Garden Company.Ae
Everett Commons 2437 Eagle Avenue - New Construction AwardFarrar, Robert2022-772437 Eagle Ave.Preservation AwardsAward Recipients: Island City Development, Owner/Developer; J.H. Fitzmaurice, Inc., General Contractor; The John Stewart Company, Property Manager; Bay Tree Design, Landscape Design; Luk & Associates, Civil Engineer; Anne Phillips Win Architecture (PWA), Architect.
New Life Jacket for a Beach House - 2000 Clinton AvenueWesterholm, Devon2022-782000 Clinton AvenuePreservation AwardsAward Recipients: Leslie Shubin, Owner; Concepción Contreras, Contractor
A Send-off to RememberLithgow, Karen2022-79 - 11MIjas, Spain; St. Gilgen, AustriaTravelogue
Draft Housing Element Effectively Repeals City Charter Article 26 (Measure A)Buckley, Chris2022-712Preservation Action Committee ReportPreservation Action
A Beleaguered Hunk of History - Lecture Sunday October 23, 2022 Lynch, Judith2022-91 - 2The Wedge, 12 block neighborhoodLectures
A Primer for Paint - protect and showcase your homeWesterholm, Devon2022-111 - 3Myron Olson Painting, dry rot, colorCover story
Home Tour Rediscovers the Gold Coast’s Lost ShorePerales, Conchita2022-114 - 5Franklin Park, Walking Tour, Lagoon, BirdsHome Tour
Road to Riches - Virginia City, NevadaPerales, Conchita2022-116 - 7C-Street, The Castle, The Piper-Beebe HouseTravelogue
Housing Element UpdateBuckley, Chris2022-118Provisions in the drafts inconsistent with Article 26PAC
Hybrid Event Gives Access to All - Preservation AwardsPerales, Conchita2022-119Summary of event Preservation Awards
Call For Nominations 2023 AAPS Board of DirectorsEditorial2022-1110MembershipMembership
There's Real gold on that House! Farrar, Robert2023-21-2Tips on how to apply gold leaf to any surfaceHow to
Go for the Gold! Gilding in ArchitecturePerales, Conchita2023-22-3History of Gilding and its applicationsHistory
Gold Leaf Workshop with Robert FarrarEditorial2023-23In person Workshop on how to apply gold leaf to any surfaceMembership
City Council Adopts Housing Element with "Upzoning" AmendmentsBuckley, Christopher2023-24Residential density, transit overlay, height limits, lot sizes, zoning waiversPreservation Action
Happy Holidays! AAPS Celebrates 2022Perales, Conchita2023-25Holiday Party, Home of Trruth cottage, Nancy Gordon, summary of eventMembership
We Had a Ball! Denise and Scott Brady travel to Cincinatti, OhioBrady, Denise and Scott2023-26-7John Roebling Bridge, The Phoenix, Netherland Plaza Hotel, Union Terminal StationTravelogue
"Royal Courtiers" to Perform at 2023 Home Tour OpeningLynch, Judith2023-28Franklin Park, dancing, costumes, Queen Victoria, Home Tour traditionHome tour
Winners of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Preservation AwardsCover page2023-61Preservation Awards AnnouncementPreservation Awards
Purple Passion to Gorgeous Green 940 Santa Clara AvenueLithgow, Karen2023-61 - 2Marcuse & Remmel 1895 Colonial Revival; porch and new paintPreservation AwardsRecipients: Missy and Dave Connolly, Owners; Jorge Escamilla Construction; Bob Farrar Goldleaf; Bob Buckter Colorist
1607 Paru StreetToutjian Fletcher, Donna2023-63Crafstman 1904 with witch's hat corner window; Second Story AdditionPreservation AwardsRecipients: Jennifer Bullock and Matthew Humphrey, Owners; Angie Klein, Architect; Hutchcraft Construction
3015 Gibbons Drive at 95 YearsWeinstein, Kay2023-64Art Deco 1928 Builder Karl S. Frderickson, Fernside; Second Story AdditionPreservation AwardsRecipients: Charles Varner and Gretchen Hoff-Varner, Owners; Angela Klein, Architect; Gary Whitehead, Contract Mgr.; Buestad Construction; KImberly McGowan Designer
1200 Regent Street RenovationLithgow, Karen2023-65Colonial Revival Remodeled kitchen, bedrooms and new wood windowsPreservation AwardsRecipients: Michael Rossi, Owner; Russo Windows; Amy West, Designer; Jorge Escamilla Construction
2350 Saratoga Street RevitalizedWeinstein, Kay2023-66 - 7Naval Air Station Building 8; Moderne Style; City, State and National LandmarkPreservation AwardsRecipients: Jonah Hendrickson, Alameda Point Redevelopers; Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects; Tai-Ran Tseng, Project Architect; Mark Hulbert, Preservation Architect
Dress up for the 2023 Home Tour! Lynch, Judith2023-67Denise Brady Costume Workshop announcement; vintage clothingHome Tour
A Delightful Addition for a Charming Bungalow 1610 Encinal AvenueHolan, Jerri2023-681906 Shingled Craftsman Bungalow; Second Story Addition Preservation AwardsRecipients: Ryan and Julia Shafer, Owners; Kirk Peterson Architects; Spencer Wolfe, Remodeling
Gold Stars All AroundPerales, Conchita2023-69Gold Leaf Workshop, Bob Farrar, Frank Bette Center for the Arts, gilding, goldleafingWorkshop - Events
Fall ColorsReid, Matt2023-610 - 11Road Trip Massachusetts: Cambridge, Boston, Saugus, Lynn, Marblehead, SalemTravelogue
Thank you Janet Gibson! Editorial2023-612Janet Gibson retires from the AAPS BoardMembership - Board
Spring Shindig at Alameda Point GymEditorial2023-612Dodi Kelleher and Brenden Sullivan host booth promoting Home Tour and AAPSEvents
Alameda Legacy Home Tour September 17, 2023 Franklin ParkMinor, Woody2023-81 - 2Detailed history Home Tour since 1973, styles and yearsHome Tour
26th Annual Preservation Awards EventLithgow, Karen2023-83Summary: At Home of Truth cottage June 11th, certificates and plaquesPreservation Awards
Planning Board Adopts Revised Objective Design Review StandardsBuckley, Christopher2023-84 - 5Including expansion of the "Traditional Designe Area" and Other AAPS RecommendationsPAC
Important Changes in the Planning, Building and Transportation DepartmentEditorial2023-85Andrew Thomas retires at end of 2023, AllenTai Acting DirectorPAC
Enjoy Enlivening HIstory September 17Lynch, Judith2023-85Be a Docent volunteer, Denise Brady's costume workshopHome Tour
Tour De Force Recognizing the All-Stars who've kept the Home Tour's Magic Alive - here's to 50 Years!Perales, Conchita2023-86 - 722 pictures celebrste the participation of past Home tour volunteers and organizersHome Tour
AAPS makes a Splash During Alameda's 4th of July Parade!Perales, Conchita2023-88July 4th Parade Brenden Sullivan, Dodi Kelleher, Joyce Boyd, Bob BuckterEvents
2022 Preservation Award Plaques Around TownEditorial2023-892022 Award Recipients display plaques, invitiation to join committeePlaques
The Stepped Gable Roofs of the NetherlandsWeinstein, Kay2023-810 - 11Road Scholar Tour "Tulipmania", Keukenhoff Gardens, Vermeer, Amsterdam, GhentTravelogue
Need work done to your vintage home? Editorial2023-812Resource Section of AAPS WebsiteWebsite
Alameda Legacy Home Tour 50th Anniversary - Calling All Docents!Editorial2023-812Postcard designed by Conchita Perales calling for DocentsHome Tour
Talk of the Block: 1528 Mozart Street 1924 Ice Truck Delivers Restoration Clues Frozen in TimeBoyd, Joyce2023-101 - 3Marcuse & Remmel Queen Anne's facade restored, plaster Lorna Kollmeyer, goldleafPreservation
Legacy Home Tour: 50 Years and CountingPerales, Conchita2023-104 - 5Summary of 50th Anniversary, Franklin Park, Vendors, Volunteers and DocentsHome Tour
French Art, Architecture and ChampagneKelleher, Dodi2023-106 - 7Claude Monet's house, Musee D'Orsey, Reims Cathedral, Champagen RegionTravelogue
Call for Nominations for 2024 Board of DirectorsEditorial2023-108Three positions available including Treasurer. Asking for nominations from MembersBoard - Membership
Save the Date! It's the AAPS Holiday Party December 9th 6pm to 9pm at the Alameda Hotel and ApartmentsEditorial2023-108Celebrate the Season in style at the historic Crystal Room of the 1924 Spanish Revival
A HUGE Thank you! To the anonymous Donor who matched the 2023 Memberships with a whoppin $6,000 donationEditorial2023-108AAPS is lucky to have passionate supporters to organize lectures, workshops and events....Membership
AAPS Board Members 2023 - LIst of Names and PositionsEditorial2023-108President Brenden Sullivan; 1st VP Conchita Perales; 2nd VP Robert Farrar; Treasurer Joyce BoydBoard Members