Please fill out the online form for Preservation Award Plaques only. Applicants must be AAPS members. Payment for the plaque must accompany order.

AAPS began awarding plaques to Preservation Award winners in 2012. Plaques are available for prior year Preservation Award winners for a cost of $200 each, as long as the property has remained in award condition (subject to inspection), and the owner is an AAPS member.

Preservation Award 1998-2011
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Please note: Preservation Award Plaques for past years are available only to current AAPS members. If you are not currently a member and want to be one, before completing this form, go to the "Join/Donate" page and fill out the online membership button and click on the PayPal "Add to Cart." Then come back to this form, order your plaque and certify you are a member.

Payment in full must be submitted for the application to be evaluated. If a property is evaluated, and found not to be eligible for a plaque, refund will be made less a small processing fee of $5.

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